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  1. My latest Flyers MIC... everyone's new favorite player... Carter Hart!
  2. I wore my Adidas MIC Flyers to the game last night and went into the store at the end of the game to take a look at the SS jerseys in person. While I think the jerseys themselves look nicer in person than they do in pictures, man... I tried one on to see if I could handle getting an Indo eventually, since the MIC SS will be astronomical. It's just such an unbelievable difference. I'm glad I tried one on, because now I don't think I'll buy one even if they go to 50% off... I'll just wait it out until I can possibly eventually get an MIC, cuz... just no.
  3. I like the Adidas jerseys. I prefer the Reebok Edge 2.0 for sure. Kiss cut numbers... as a fan, I feel like they're more likely to get wrinkled and need to be ironed more.
  4. Well... at the time I sent this off to be customized I was excited about it. With holidays and such, Philly Xpress was pretty backed up so it took a while and this season is basically a lost cause now. Not saying I wanna get rid of this, but it limited the excitement a bit I guess.
  5. I got my Pens ones just probably about a week and a half, maybe two weeks ago.
  6. I believe they stopped selling them at the games several years ago. So now the only way to get them is through Game Worn/Issued jerseys.
  7. Glad I'm not the only one. Total scumbag that just wants to have a "popular thread" by using a guy's death.
  8. Did you manage to snag some Stars authentic patches? Cuz the National Emblem ones aren't the rubbery ones the team actually wore.
  9. Amazingly... both the home and away already sold for that... Insanity.
  10. dsl135

    eBay version 4.0

    It's not necessarily "proof" of anything more than that one individual seller. I personally don't list my items for THAT much more than I'm willing to accept. Sorta like you said "the unknown aspect is the seller." So this isn't exactly "proof" except for that specific seller. Otherwise it would be "proof" that 50% IS "lowballing" because, I, as a seller, said so, lol. It's only one source, is my point, I guess.
  11. Authentic ones were never made available to the public, and they were adamant that they never would be, as they only wanted them to be worn by the team. That said, like others have said, there are good reproductions out there. Depending on which jersey you're doing up, though, there are some important specifics. Home, 50th, and Stadium Series - all had an embroidered Snider patch all season Away - had a screen printed patch for Sets 1 and 2 (so if you're doing it WITHOUT the 100th patch, the Snider patch should be screen printed) Hall of Fame Game - obviously you'd need the Hall
  12. dsl135

    eBay version 4.0

    Personally, if someone is insultingly low with their offer, I'd consider not responding and just leave the offer hanging out there... it presents an opportunity for another buyer to see "Offer pending" and get more serious about what they want to offer, since I may accept the initial offer from the other buyer. More often than not, though, I respond and take a penny off of the asking price. If someone doesn't want to be serious with their first offer, I'm not going to be serious with mine, lol
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