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Flyers fans..how do I get in the locker room?

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Anyone ever get in the lockerroom? A friend and his son are coming back home after moving to Florida and we're going to the feb 22 game vs the Caps. We sprung for 1st row ice level tickets. Anyway to parlay that into getting in the locker room or maybe outside of the locker room to shake some hands or ask for pics or autographs? Any input from anyone with inside info would be appreciated. thanks.

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You could try and contact the team's PR department and ticket reps. That is really your only shot. I know their PR people (no I cannot help you with a favor, sorry) and they are very nice, very professional.

Failing that, you could always do the wait-by-the-tunnel thing for autos. A lot of their guys are good about autographs, pretty fan-friendly group for a hockey market that size.

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I'll be curious to see how this goes for you. I know that some people sometimes get down near the locker room (never in it), but I'm not sure how often that happens or how they go about it.

Definitely e-mailing the PR people would be the way to go, but I'm a STH and I've really never even been able to get help on an autograph or anything like that. Hopefully it will go differently for you!

Other thing you could try (if you have time) is going over to Voorhees for a practice and waiting afterwards when the guys drive out.

And finally, you could wait by where the players drive out at the end of the game. Some guys stop and sign autographs there (I've actually gotten several autographs that way).

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