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  1. If anyone needs a light blue Thrashers alternate nameplate, hit me up. I recently had to cut up a blank to get one so I have several available now.
  2. Who has current style Preds blanks for me? Yellow I definitely want, white would be OK. Sz 56 preferred, 54 OK. Need me some SUBBAN jerseys. Also looking for a legit or at least accurate Beliveau memorial patch. Thanks
  3. The never enlightened and seldom coherent Mr Howell called me out over some alleged incident with this Stultz guy (see about four pages back). I told him that not only did the story not sound at all familiar (never bought three Flames gamers at once, also never said any of the things he claimed), but that I had never done business with the guy. So I found Mr Stultz, a member of several jersey groups, and asked him if I had forgotten something or we had had a bad deal. He had no idea what this blathering idiot was typing fragmented sentences and non sequiturs about.
  4. Go to the mat. Take lots of photos and any evidence you can gather. Refuse to back down. The more you insist, the more eBay will bend. You're not the first person this has happened to and in my experience they will do right by the seller if they are even halfway persuasive in presenting what happened.
  5. So I found this guy on a forum and asked him about your OUTRIGHT LIE. His response: Steven Stultz Jr. accepted your request. I don't remember starting any thread about you or being a bad buyer anywhere. Sorry man.
  6. Agreed. Thanks for being the voice of reason, Dr. Puck
  7. I have no idea who those Stultz guy is, nothing in Pay Pal, email or Facebook. I keep all my correspondence from sales/purchases. I also haven't bought three Flames jersey together, two, yes, a couple times but they were different sellers. Certainly I have never used this "me against the world" crap, what a nonsensical approach. Again man, I feel you've said your piece and more. I collect, I sell, too. So do you. I don't deceive anyone and I don't appreciate you in here making up lies and vagaries. Three times the price? If only. I see you're about as good with math as you are with English.
  8. Steven Stultz Jr. Said he collects flames jerseys then needed to sell some for personal reasons so did it for a deal and then it was on there. What an Arse. This is the guy you gave sad story to on Facebook and then he started a bad buyer scammer thread on you . NICE as you said you never give guys stories I can post our hole conversation if members ask as i said this is his MO ,know he makes like other collectors are against him . No recollection of this guy, he types almost as nonsensically as you do. I searched my messages and I have *no* correspondence with him and this story also do
  9. Sorry Fitz, in no way did I mean to imply anything negative about you. You have always been a great IJ member and an asset to the hobby. I thought about not saying anything at all but I didn't want people to take that as a sign of indifference. I messaged the two members who expressed interest in the for-sale stuff and offered them the same prices Slim had if they want the items. I value this board and this community and try to be as up-front about everything as possible. Again I apologize if I implicated you in anything, totally unintentional.
  10. Show me this message where I said I was a big collector with "not much funds." I have never been short on cash and never used that as an excuse. This is from the Jersey Central days I figure. I remember you being upset that I listed a Tocchet that I got from you for about 150 at 175 (it was too small). $25 barely covers eBay/Pay Pal fees. I never deceived you or anyone else, I am up front about what stays, what goes and what might go with everyone, not that I am required to be. You are a freak and a grown man who cannot read or write. Call me a scumbag to my face and see what happens.
  11. Just to be clear I have never given anyone "a fake story" or misrepresented my intentions in any way. I also have a very substantial collection of my own, much of which I have acquired here with pleasure and pride. "Bullying" seems like an odd way to describe asking "Well, the jersey is/was in your for-sale thread for a price and I am offering you that price, is it for sale or not?" This guy would cut off his nose to spite his face. He wanted a jersey that I ended up buying while he lagged making up his mind (which he got mad about). I PM'ed saying I'd sell it to him for the same price--basica
  12. Looking for a white Canes Brind'Amour, any 1996 WCOH jerseys (will look at 04 WCOH also), Canucks salmon alternate, Preds mustard alternate (mmmmmmm, salmon and mustard argh argh argh) and Bruins Pooh Bear alternate. Outside of the Brind'Amour they could be blank. Thanks
  13. another easy deal with hannu virta, thanks for the sabres stuff
  14. Looking for Hurricanes white 6100 cut jersey. Koho or Reebok is fine. Sz 50, 52 or 54. A reasonable blank is OK, would prefer it to be attributed to either Brind'Amour or Williams. Thanks.
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