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Roenick Hull pictures...


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Hello everyone,

I am looking for any pictures of Jeremy Roenick in his Hull Olymipques jersey....a nice shot of the entire back of the jersey...if you have any you can send me or post her or a link to one it would be GREATLY appreciated....

Happy New Year everyone...

Mods...if this is in the wrong place PLEASE direct me where to put it...My apologies....

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Roenick is not in this jersey but I'm pretty sure this is accurate to the era....it's going to be hard finding that type of shot, it's hard enough finding NHL shots from that era let alone junior league teams. Hopefully this helps.


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Thank you...

So is a NIKE jersey what he wore??

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Pretty sure that picture is of my Roenick replica that I got a while ago in a big jersey transaction.

I don't believe Roenick wore Nike, as he played in 1988-89 for Hull, and based on some gamers that are on eBay from that season, they wore CCM jerseys that year.

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I am not exact on the details, but the CHL had CCM jerseys in the early to mid 1990s, then at some point switched to Bauer and then Nike. In 2003-04 they switched to CCM for just one season, then Reebok from 2004-05 until last year, then CCM this season.

I'm not sure if this eBay listing can be believed, but here is a Hull jersey from that year, unfortunately it is sans namebar:


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