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Avs & Nordiques Jersey History


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Saw this on icethetics.

Shows the history of the Avs logo and how the nordiques were rebranding before they were sold


I kind of like the new nordiques jerseys too bad they never saw the ice.

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I like the unused Nordiques jersey. There are a few places that sell bootleg versions of them. I say bootleg instead of counterfeit, because they aren't branded as CCM and the jerseys were never released at retail. I'd love it if CCM would release the jersey as part of it's Vintage Collection (do they even still do that?), but I'm not holding my breath.

Rocky Mountain Extreme is an awful name. It sounds very short sighted. I'd imagine the name would have fit right in with the pop culture atmosphere of the late 90's, but in 2014, it sounds corny.

The Avalanche logo they settled on seems to be very polarizing. I'm of the opinion that it's iconic, and should not be changed.

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Wow, Rocky Mountain Extreme sounds terrible. But I guess teams have terrible names sometimes.

Ask anyone who plays for the Washington Wizards or the New Orleans Pelicans. I can't believe NBA franchises are using those names.

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Rocky Mountain Extreme sounds like a new Mountain Dew flavour.

Yes it does!! That's perfect. A new teal colored drink from Mountain Dew.

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