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1989 LA Kings Wayne Gretzky Font


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I just wanted to know if the fonts on the jersey below are legit. The jerseys name and numbers seem little different from the gamer shown in the link under "correct fonts". One thing that stands outs the "Z", it has a different font style. Is the different font style and size only exclusive to the game jerseys?

Questionable Fonts



Correct Fonts


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The numbers look pretty close to me, but the name is definitely not the same font.

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The font style on the gamer in the last picture is typical of what was used in the 1988-89 season, Gretzky's first with the Kings. However, the retail authentic jersey in the first 2 pictures is from the 1989-90 season, and during that year the gamers featured some letters which often had distinct differences from those used in the previous year. At least in Gretzky's case, the 1989-90 E's had a shorter center post, the Z had all 4 corners diagonally clipped, and the notches and holes in the G and R were shaped differently as well. You can see some of these differences in the video from the game when Gretzky became the NHL's all-time leading scorer, by pausing the video at 4:19.

One thing you should keep in mind is that back during that time the letters and numbers were hand-cut, and there was bound to be some variation in the appearance of the letters, even within the same season. If you look at gamers from 1988-91, when that font was used, you'll see that a certain letter might look somewhat different on 2 different set jerseys, even though they were from the same season.

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You're welcome. Just to summarize, as far as I can tell from all the photos and video footage I've seen, the Gretzky nameplate during the 1988-89 season looks like it does in your gamer photo. In 1989-90, the font changed to look like it does in the video I posted. In 1990-91 though, they went back to the 1988-89 font! (for most of the players' jerseys)

Just an interesting bit of trivia. If you find a photo of Gretzky with the jersey he wore at the press conference announcing his arrival to the Kings (August 1988), you'll see that the letters on the jersey are actually the ones they used in the 1989-90 season!

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If you're considering buying that jersey, I don't think Gretz wore a single CCM when they switched to the big block. I know he did small block, but never seen big, only double CCMs.

Small block single road -


Small block single home -


Small block double road -


Small block double home -


Big block double road sans NHL shields -


Big block double home sans shields -


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Slim, that ProSet photo of the double big block road jersey is the first pic I've seen of a 1989/90 Gretzky with the 1988/89-style "G." More variations to mess with my theories.

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