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Exclusive Pro Sports - WTF?

Evil Pirate Zamboni

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Hi all,

I just went on to EPS's website to fill in my customization order form and saw 2 notes saying that they "no longer process loose kit orders" and "no longer strip jerseys."

Is this true?  WTF!?  I am in a panic now as I have several TI, GI, and GW jerseys that I'd like to have stripped and re-customized with my favorite players.  Plus, I have numerous other MLB, a few NFL, and some fan jersey that I'd like worked up in future.

Any suggestions on where to go now?  I am in California, and would prefer to not have to send my stuff to Canada, but I will in order to get the work done correctly and professionally.

Please help, and let me know if anyone else has seen this on EPS's website.



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Stripped jerseys likely takes too much time for what they’re charging. Do it yourself. It’s not difficult.


By loose kits, I’m assuming they mean you sending in a jersey with your own numbers and wanting them to simply sew them. Again, guessing they’d rather charge for the full customization or else it’s not worth it for them. So if you send them a blank jersey to customize, they will do it and that sounds like what you want (after you strip them). 

Given the current wait times, they don’t seem to be hurting for business

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Loose kit orders is probably referring to people that want them to just produce name and numbers that they can sew down themselves. As far as sending it to Canada, if you’re talking about Keener, that’s a no go as well as he’s not doing jerseys for individuals anymore.

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As mentioned by the others, loose kits is literally just that. EPS will no longer send you a loose kit for you to apply to a jersey yourself. You need to send them your jersey(s), and if they need to be stripped, they don't do it anymore. You have to either do it yourself (not that hard) or find someone else to do it for you before sending your jerseys to EPS.

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