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  1. At least the reverse retros were based on jerseys that were already made at some point. Some were hideous, some were good. I'm also not convinced that Adidas won't go down the road of different special uniforms every season that will make us all roll our eyes, so time will tell. Maybe Lamoriello will torch Adidas HQ if they try to make him change more than flipping orange and white striping.
  2. Depends. I actually like the Canucks design, but even as a fan, if I didn't like it, I wouldn't have bid on and won a game worn, nor would I have spent the money on a MIC if they were available at retail. Everyone has their motivations.
  3. That pic is all I need to see that jersey is as fake as a $3 bill. That NHL logo isn't even remotely close.
  4. Legit Adidas replica jersey. Not an on-ice authentic. (I know Adidas calls their retail replicas "authentic" and I will be a grumpy ol' ba$tard about it.)
  5. On Facebook, find "Bill Henderson: The Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys / The Dream Shop" page (if you haven't already). Bill posted this morning with what appears to be some photos and information regarding the new Nike 2021 jerseys. They don't look too great from a first impression.
  6. That, I actually don't mind. If the card companies are going to get jerseys to cut up, the league should do this across the board. Let the card company pay for the jerseys for one game per season and they can have those. Some (or most) game worns just should not be cut up. I saw a Pavel Bure card on eBay last year that stated its 4 jersey pieces were from the 1993 All Star Game. I don't care if he wore a jersey for each period in that game, that should have been off limits to Upper Deck.
  7. Some jersey and patch cards are shady too. I pulled a Quinn Hughes rookie patch card last season and it had a piece of a number on airknit material, which Hughes never wore as he debuted out of college after Adidas took over and his draft jersey was also Adidas. Granted, the card says the jersey is certified to have been worn by the player, but does not specify in a game... It still makes you wonder.
  8. It all comes down to why we collect besides just having a passion for jerseys. I want to wear my jerseys, so if I want a Quinn Hughes 2020 skills competition jersey, I need to get a Size 58 customized because Quinn's Size 54 just isn't going to work lol. (Should be back in 3-4 weeks, I cannot wait!)
  9. Has anyone contacted PCC recently? Last contact I had with them (last month), they were not going to be ordering anymore Adidas on-ice material.
  10. Stole my thunder here. The reason I'm close to no longer seeking authentic jerseys for customization is that I'm finding customizers aren't making the same efforts they used to even when I send clear instructions for things like nameplate material. Tags on the inside though? If I wear one of my jerseys to the pub, who sees those? That's my opinion anyway.
  11. I've seen a few searching eBay for Adidas goalie cuts.. though I'm not sure the Canucks will have any themselves as both their goaltenders wear 58G. Just trying to see if my common sense is working right, where I can pull off a regular cut 56, but go for a 58 for that little bit of width a 58 gets me, a 56G would work too.
  12. One of these days I hope to get a goalie cut Adidas Canucks jersey for my collection. For regular Adidas jerseys, I wear Size 58. Would it make sense to go with 58G or would I be good in a 56G? Does anyone have measurements of the goalie sizes?
  13. ACE uses flo-knit on Jets Adidas game jerseys and a quick search for Jets gamers shows me they did on Edge 2.0 jerseys as well.
  14. The front and arms of the Edge 2.0 is simply airknit material. The back of the Edge 2.0 however, is a stretch mesh that was also on Edge 1.0 jerseys. I forget the actual name for it, but when sending jerseys for customization, I simply request an "Edge material nameplate".
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