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  1. Found my next Bure. On its way to EPS as they said they can sublimate ultrafil for the colour. Here's hoping they can indeed get it done!
  2. Where's Mike Keenan when you need him?
  3. Holy s*** you're not kidding. Replied in about an hour tonight even after business hours.
  4. Checking in to see what others' communication with EPS has been like lately. I sent an email and an inquiry via the website last week and crickets so far. I know they're busy, but no reply isn't what I'm used to from them.
  5. Asking for the impossible: Purple ultrafil to match a 1994 Western Conference All Star Jersey, long enough for BURE.
  6. Looking to see if there are any authentic NHL 75th Anniversary and LA Kings 25th Anniversary patches out there. Not terribly confident on the Kings patch, but I will take a 75th patch whether I can find the Kings patch or not.
  7. I don't understand what all the fuss is about. Maybe I just don't feel the attachment to the specific forum we are and/or will become a part of (SportsBuffZone already looks different than the good old IJ Forum). I thought main reason for keeping the forum going was for the information, which can easily be copied and pasted to The Jersey Page for anyone to find. I also more or less said that if this forum were to be purchased and have the reddit crowd here, I wouldn't hang out here as much, but that's for my own reasons and certainly not because I dislike anyone. I think I've posted maybe a ha
  8. If the reddit group buys this forum, I'd rather hang out at The Jersey Page mfitz created. I prefer a lower traffic, yet higher quality group than a large mostly replica-celebrating group. (Nothing wrong with collecting replicas, but one of the things I like about this group is the focus on authentic jerseys, as we know them to be.)
  9. Van67


    Check your PMs. If the person who got me some doesn't have anymore, EPS does have red dazzle material. They told me they're not 100% sure it's an exact match, but if you're ok with close, it should do the trick.
  10. I concur, but if a change like that will make the current Adidas MICs cheaper and teams willing to sell blank stock they still have, I'll take em haha.
  11. The best one (using the term lightly) for me is the Authentic Hockey Jersey Addicts. At least it's a group that still respects what an "authentic jersey" actually is. The thing that sucks about FB groups, albeit understandable, are that they're all restricted. IE: game worn groups are for game worn jerseys only, authentic jersey group has rules where no replicas, fakes or game worns allowed, just on-ice quality authentics. I like the forum setting like this where we can show off everything, except fakes of course.
  12. I believe a lot of information is already on the backup forum. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. That's the rumour, but finding anyone to confirm or deny has been impossible. Maybe once the Final is over we'll see some teams start to sell team stock as an indication of it's validity.
  14. This sucks. I hate the FB Groups. Too many jerks, can't express an opinion without being insulted by someone, though I'll spare that rant here. I don't have the time to manage something like it, but if people are going to stick to FB more than the backup forum, maybe someone could create a group for people here and a select few can have the authority to approve/deny membership? Just a thought.
  15. Looking at my jersey, that appears to be correct.
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