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  1. Looking at my jersey, that appears to be correct.
  2. My main concern for my jerseys is they are visually accurate when wearing them. Nobody is going to be looking at the neck tag if I'm wearing it to a game. As for placements, I do worry, but not to the point of getting out the tape measure or ruler. If I wanted to be that guy (no disrespect to those who are), I would make sure jerseys are the same size worn by the player I'm putting on them... and I do not worry about that at all lol.
  3. That would be great. Much appreciated. Do you know of any reliable companies who could make the patches and don't require minimums of a dozen or so?
  4. Love the Demitra. I have a blank teal Thunder jersey I want to do just that to, but I need the bear, Caesars Palace and Las Vegas patches. Seems like an impossible get.
  5. That's precisely why I'm not knee-jerking it. Although this wasn't done by a game-jersey customizer where you can always expect some imperfections like you see on game worns, I can always chalk it up to that too lol.
  6. Because you asked lol... Crisis averted, but now that I see this photo (compared to game photos I can find), it looks like the numbers are a bit too far to the right. Anyone else with a Hughes jersey have it look like this?
  7. Mail day from Keener. Start off simple. Only showing the front of this jersey. Everyone knows what the back of a Hughes Canucks jersey looks like... and I had a bit of a VLR accident cleaning up remnants around the new back numbers as this was a strip job. Sometimes when you think you are super careful, it's still not good enough. Not a huge mess of blue running into white, but enough that it needs cleaning and worst case scenario, a new number 4, which is not hard for this jersey. Although I'm a Canucks fan, certain exceptions can be made for other Canadian team
  8. The nameplate not matching the jersey probably has something to do with the jersey material having its colours sublimated. Even my game worn Canucks reverse retro from this season has a nameplate that's just a tad darker than the jersey's body, but matches the arm material that's not sublimated. From what I've seen and read, that Islanders wave font never really was very consistent. I'm sure the nameplate f***up on mine ended up on someone's game jersey too.
  9. Seeing this jersey and looking at my wave Bertuzzi jersey, then some pics around the interwebs to verify, Cutting Edge got the 'I' at the end of the name backwards (pointed ends should point inwards, not outwards)... and because I now cannot un-see it, I'm debating a strip and re-do with a better customizer. I was ok with the horrible quality as game jerseys were totally done bad too, but it's also bugging me more and more as time goes by. One of the back numbers also just won't straighten out from a nasty curl it has. Did Keener have nameplate material to match the jersey? Cutting Edge
  10. Yup. Gotta trim it when it arrives... small scissors skills need to be up to snuff lol. And what I meant by "off the board", is I don't typically like to get players that everyone else will want to get. Not always possible when you have a team focus. My most recent example would be a team issued 1997 St. Louis Cardinals jersey. Everyone and their mother would get McGwire, but I went with Todd Stottlemyre.
  11. That Selanne gets me excited... finally got the right patch en route and this jersey is an exception to my usual "go off the board" player guideline I have with my collection.
  12. Thanks! A ways to go with some blanks but I think it's time. I'll probably add more Canucks-related pieces going forward but not as many as I'm used to and the random cool stuff will be stopping. Patiently waiting for travel to be safe and smart again and that's what I want to spend more money on in the future. And you're not wrong about the Canada jersey. I like it more than I thought I would and the reproduction Warsteiner patches do the job just fine.
  13. Best mail day in a while...Things getting fixed, new ones done, makes it feel like I'm finally tying a bow on the collection...
  14. At least the reverse retros were based on jerseys that were already made at some point. Some were hideous, some were good. I'm also not convinced that Adidas won't go down the road of different special uniforms every season that will make us all roll our eyes, so time will tell. Maybe Lamoriello will torch Adidas HQ if they try to make him change more than flipping orange and white striping.
  15. Depends. I actually like the Canucks design, but even as a fan, if I didn't like it, I wouldn't have bid on and won a game worn, nor would I have spent the money on a MIC if they were available at retail. Everyone has their motivations.
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