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Where do you guys go to talk hockey?

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Well, hfboards is a  fu**** joke if i ever saw one.

Mods there are the most moronic and racist mods on the web


Look at this warning i got 

Ethnic/Racial/Gender Slurs (Warning)

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    Your message (Tom Wilson episode against the Rangers #3 (UPD: Fined $5k for roughing Buchnevich)) is in violation of our site rules.
    yort2010 said: 
    a lot of people have, which is why it's the bottom of the barrel in North America for sports league's.
    that is not even close to the truth.

    the people that have the money, now despise the NFL and NBA. The low IQ clowns that play there will hopefully see fewer people in the stands, when covid is over.
    MLB and NHL will get more popular than the other 2 leagues.
    Terms of Service and Rules | HFBoards - NHL Message Board and Forum for National Hockey League

    Please do not make posts of this nature on our site. Your account may be limited until your warning points expire.

    Please follow all site rules when posting in the future.

    Thank you,
    HF Staff
    Ethnic/Racial/Gender Slurs

    5) Offensive Content: This is a site for ages 13 and up. Minors will be viewing our content, and threads are searchable on the web. Do not post slurs and stereotypes, sexually-oriented material, gore (human or animal), or any other potentially objectionable material. Our users are diverse in all ways so please respect that. Do not circumvent the profanity filter with alternate spellings/characters. Simply type out the word and let the filter handle it. Do not wish injury upon anyone, whether a site member or not.
    Terms of Service and Rules | HFBoards - NHL Message Board and Forum for National Hockey League
    Warnings are issued anonymously. If you believe a warning is unjustified use the Contact Us form to tell us why. Do not attempt to excuse your behavior by pointing at others. Be respectful and courteous. You will only receive a reply if your complaint has merit.
So they are saying i am a racist? For what??  NBA and NFL only have players of one skin tone?? Or what the F is he/she really talking about? And you don't know my race either, trollstomper!
i said the players were low iq clowns, i never mentioned race, the moderator is the one that just did!
And why can't the users reply to these ridiculous warnings. hfboards , an absolutely disgusting place!
Wow, what a huge moron, in the mods sick head he/she is the racist, and i get the warning !
 Now where can i go talk hockey with other normal sane people?

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