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  1. Top stripe, letters instead of a logo crest, captain's C that looks nothing like the font used on the sleeve numbers, double arm stripes..... toilet seat collar. this jersey fuc-king blows πŸ‘Ž πŸ–•πŸ˜…πŸ–•
  2. And now you will have both. Sh it, i am slowly losing interest in the game and the uniforms........ NHL are pushing their luck imo. The movie BASEketball is starting to look more real by the day
  3. see you on fitz πŸ˜ƒand fu/ck facebook
  4. dropshadow? would't it had been better if the number was gold, and the black was underneath? ....... like a shadow!
  5. I see, but the Hawks have those chainstitched logos, indo edge jersey also have that? weird they should have that equipment in..... well, Indonesia. only jersey i really want is the Caps reverse retro, but jersey baron only have them in indo edge, and at 500 dollars WTF? no way i wondered if the eagle on the front is of lesser quality than on the MIC jersey, that is why i asked. guess it's all over, πŸ˜ͺ until another company takes over the NHL that is
  6. Wow, they are monitoring the players that way? thanks
  7. Are the crests and shoulder patches (if any) different on the indo than the made in Canada jerseys?
  8. Have you guys seen the weird thing that is on the back of the jerseys now, look like an security tag underneath the jersey fabric LOL, i have only seen it this year on the players, it's easy to see on TV, it sits to the right of the Adidas logo on the back of the jersey, over the name bar. Anyone know what that is?
  9. Well, hfboards is a fu**** joke if i ever saw one. Mods there are the most moronic and racist mods on the web Look at this warning i got Ethnic/Racial/Gender Slurs (Warning) Mark as UnreadStar ConversationLeave Conversation Troll Stomper System Account Joined: Dec 31, 2006 Messages: 0 Likes Received:
  10. They just come up with something random and put it on a jersey. If Nike made the NHL jerseys, next year the Boston jersey would have a two guys a girl and a pizza place theme. A jersey with Ryan Reynolds' face screenprinted on the front ? ...... it will sell, oh it will sell! And Nike would say: Hey. the show was in Boston and Ryan is Canadian, what more do you want!! this IS as hockey related as you can get!
  11. i was gonna send my x-mas devils jersey to them, was gonna be a Hall...... but thought, nah, i will wait till covid is over. thank you covid-19 !! πŸ˜… but now a huge problem, noone to put on that jersey πŸ˜’
  12. Imagine if Nike had the NHL........city edition jerseys galore! They butchered the NBA, now MLB is due How would the NHL look with Nike 😲
  13. No, but had the real ones been available, everyone here would go nuts for them, right?
  14. Jersey baron have these so called reverse retro jerseys listed at 4 or 500 dollars... what the hell, and those are not even the real on ice jerseys, right? have he/they completely lost their minds? is it because the jerseys were made in limited numbers or what is the deal with those prices?
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