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Winter Classic

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That was a very good game, though I would have been happy with the outcome going the other way. Both goaltenders played very well. Also even though he never got on the scoresheet Vanek played a great game. At first I thought Miller had the puck on Crosby's gamewinner, but then they said He scored and then they showed the replay and showed it went in.

Great showing by the NHL and great work by the ice crew considering all the work they had to do before and during the game.

Look forward to the NHL doing this again in a few years. (At least that is how it should be, once every 4 or 5 years)

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Crosby with the winner in the shootout? Pffft...that thing was fixed!

What a fun game to watch. That's just the kind of game to get fans back into hockey. It was hyped up beyond belief and the game really came through. It wasn't a track meet on the ice but more of a talent-based game where you had to rely on passing and stick work. Good stuff. The NHL should DEFINITELY be doing this again. I'm thinking about once every 2 or 3 years is ideal. Any more and it'll be too long while any less will start to take the uniqueness away from the game. Next time, let's have Habs-Bruins at Foxboro or even up at Molson Stadium...even though 20,000 people isn't all that much.

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I'm in a fantasy hockey league and we get together about once a month to watch games on my friends hi-def projection tv system - a 4 foot x 8 foot screen!

We call it "Pizza & Pucks Night".

We got together today for the game. There were 7 of us, including two in vintage Sabres jerseys - one a white Lafontaine w/ Stanley Cup Centennial patch from Pat's best season and a blue Hasek with Sabres 25th Anniversary patch, and one of us in a mullet wig!

We had a great time. I loved the fact it was snowing. I didn't mind the Zamboni breaks to clean off the snow but it was too bad they had so much trouble with the condition of the ice beyond that.

The sound by NBC was especially cool, as I could hear the Sabres fans chanting "Let's go Buff-a-lo!" and the PA announcer in the back speakers of the surround sound throughout the day.

The light blue Pens jerseys really grew on my over the course of the day. I may have to add one to the want list, especially since I think that one was part of the CCM Vintage Line previously.

Good game, good food and good friends. I really enjoyed the event.

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I have one of those Pens blue ones from the Vintage line, which I decided to get in 2006 after I saw someone wearing one. I thought it looked cool and they were getting hard to find.

The NBC telecast wasn't too bad, IMO. They treated the audience like they are hockey fans, not a bunch of noobs that you have to explain every rudimentary element of the game to, like, "icing is..." or "offsides is when..." :skaterred:

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I only managed to catch the last period of the game but man did it look awesome. Until the game was stopped like 3 times. Great crowd, great atmosphere, I just wish the ice was better. The game looked a little slow out there.

Also, I got the visual impression that the ice surface was much smaller. Maybe because of the way it was shot. Still, the third period was better than no period at all. I wish I could have gone!

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