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  1. Yeesh. What happened there? Side question, did those alternate jerseys from that period have the actual logo by the CCM like this one does?
  2. Welcome! Its good to see the Hawks finally coming around and that is a great jersey they sport.
  3. Plus that 13 looks like it was drawn on by a marker.
  4. Thanks for the action photos! I really like the overall look of the jersey but especially how those patches work on the front with the striping.
  5. Wow- those are some logos on the armpits- really like the general concept of patches there.
  6. I feel similarly about the CCM logo and also for the Athletic Knit AK logo as well. Those logos seem to scream "hockey" to me.
  7. I don't know, I just don't know. Also, despite all of the indications to the contrary, that jersey has the worst "sewn" letters I have seen.
  8. Geez, $400 dollars for that jersey WITH the patch? That is a helluva expensive patch.
  9. At least they went through all that trouble for my amusement but I don't think I will "buy it now" for 49.99.
  10. I like it but the aqua green really kind of ruins it right?
  11. No, I hear you on the rights. It will be interesting to see if the NHL or Quebec actually filed for trademark status on that. Its registered as a word mark on the USPTO website but a lot of the other marks are "dead" and after a quick search I couldn't find the wolf logo (it may be there though) and the fleur de le I don't believe is trademarked. This one might actually be available to be made without licenses.
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