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Chicago Wolves Jersey Colour


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Hey guys. I’m wondering if anyone has any info on what colour exactly the dark jerseys are for the wolves. Would it fall under “Cardinal Red”? I’m ordering a kit for a cheap replica jersey I got off eBay, and want to be sure the name bar will match the colour of the jersey, and the seller is saying he uses a “Cardinal Red” Air Knit Name Bar for that kit. Anyone have any input that will help me?

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A while back I was trying to find a plate for a jersey that was the same red as the Wild use. If memory serves, I learned it was called "Montreal red," despite not being the same red that, you know, Montreal uses.  I asked a couple customizers about it and they said they never trust the marketing name for a fabric color. 

So I guess my recommendation would be to neither purchase nor rule out a plate based on the marketing color name. If the seller knows what red the Wolves use, and would use a "Cardinal red" plate for it, hopefully you'll be ok.

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