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Game worn collections

Hockey Bob

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I had another random thought... I know, sorry 

Going off of Some authentic collectors who try to get every player of a certain style or season regardless of how bad they may have been :doh:

Do game worn collectors have a bunch of jerseys from the same team / season / style? 
Maybe a favorite line? 

I get that the cost to have 20+ jerseys from the same team and same season would be astronomical and really hard to piece together but there has to be some nuts out there.

I'd love to see how deep an obsession goes

If you have a few, are you always seeking more from that season? 

Let's see what ya got!


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I've been trying to limit myself to one GW per season, but it hasn't gone so well the last few.  2016-17 I didn't do so well because it was the 50th anniversary season and the Flyers wore special patches.  They wore 3 different jerseys, a SS jersey, and a bunch of other specialty warm-ups.  So, that year was expensive, and I didn't even get an away jersey. 

35682934621_c7413b0832_t.jpg 35645788992_c407065376_t.jpg

35682934971_b57346408b_t.jpg 35645789382_7e558a6ba2_t.jpg

35645791612_ae1d0aaa0c_t.jpg 35005136943_ef72e356e6_t.jpg

35645790912_129c95dd39_t.jpg 35005136413_2d22264ccc_t.jpg

This one I've since sold (like an idiot).
35426856340_3fb21b729f_t.jpg 35815516785_598e1d7e1d_t.jpg


2017-18 was the first year of Adidas and I ended up buying five plus a practice jersey :( But, a couple of them were specialty jerseys (like HFC or military) and now that I have those I probably won't buy those styles again.

38577935130_1343c67928_t.jpg 39677450564_2961a8f133_t.jpg

38579693565_0e85772e14_t.jpg 24592062097_02dd20c70d_t.jpg

27599299699_23923d2178_t.jpg 39346578302_8d7c1e0736_t.jpg

39812147332_9ef785fae4_t.jpg 24973809017_cb1532b4ec_t.jpg

33055169288_07804936b2_t.jpg 39966144563_a1b3266d34_t.jpg


Last year I did better and only bought two :)

47249832571_f8e6bd5e6a_t.jpg 47249832501_a1d138067f_t.jpg

32727097427_f32ee1daf3_t.jpg 46945710754_a1ff0089e3_t.jpg

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For the Admirals, I've tried to do one of every home/road alternate per season and have done a good job of sticking to that. I have a few exceptions where another of the same color fell in my lap at a reasonable price. Since then though, I've started evaluating the few overlaps in years where they wore the same jersey (with no variations) and tried to pare that down to 1 of a given style rather than a specific year.

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