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Edinburgh Capitals Game Worn Jersey!


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I didn't see an "It's here!" thread for international stuff, so here goes:

So I'm traveling for work, which brought me to Edinburgh. I looked to see - do they have a hockey team? Does hockey exist in Scotland? 
Well, it sure does. Except the local team folded because they were trash. However, their "legacy" jerseys were just downright gorgeous. 

I wasn't feeling spending £65 for a replica on a folded team's jersey, so I emailed the store - and they have a whole ledger of gamers available. Not many legacy ones, but the woman was really nice about everything and only asked £75 for a game-worn one. You bet I got it. 

She told me she has a garage full of jerseys and she just wants to get rid of them. I attached the spreadsheet of what's available in case anyone was interested - I'm here for another couple days and could broker if she doesn't want to ship. Update: She's happy to sell to US customers, shipping is £20, jerseys are £75. Players are mostly 3XL/4XL (seems around Edge 54-56 if I'd have to guess, no measuring tape here), goalies are XL, so 58G-ish. 

Anyway. Not really a "mail day" and more of "I met up with the person outside a pub" Jordan Steel jersey day. 


Caps Shirts available.xlsx

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How's the quality? Any idea on sizing is available or what the jerseys look like? There's stuff from December 2013 through the 2018 season from home (blue), away (white), and blood (?) jerseys. Would be nice to know what design I'm buying since google doesn't seem to be much help.


I'll totally grab one or two depending on player/size/design

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Sizing seemed to be about 3XL-4XL for players and some goalie stuff. I wear a 50/52 normally, and a 3XL fit like an Edge 2.0 54 by my estimate. I'm 6'2, 200, and well...selfie: https://i.imgur.com/G0aZjDQ.png

The blank was a white 4XL, the Forshall is a blue goalie XL, so bigger than the normal player. It also had laces and an actual crest rather than a v-neck and sublimation, so maybe it was slightly older? 

Material is thick and smooth. I'm not sure how to describe it though, so I took a close-up: https://i.imgur.com/mB9EwMI.jpg

I think they look like:
- home: https://bit.ly/2xMX9ld
- away: https://bit.ly/2GgOwEa

I also had to look up "blood jersey" - it's a soccer term for a NNOB jersey given to a player when they damage their normal jersey.

I can email her back (or just PM you her email) about the regulars and if she has any pics. She seemed like she really wanted these gone. 

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