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  1. @PensJerseys There's a handful of users older than you
  2. I guess I should weigh in on what the plans are. As @PensJerseyssaid, the reddit and discord barely overlap anymore - the discord is much more detail-oriented and focused on the actual Authentic stuff. I swear, if I see one more gRAiL post about a Kings Indo-didas... Anyway. My plans for the forum (if I purchase it) would be to basically leave it as-is, very hands-off. This is obviously not my chosen form of media - the older forum format just doesn't appeal to me. That's not the point - I'd want to keep this alive for information and archiving at a bare minimum. At most, I might loo
  3. So maybe someone can clarify what's going on here. I picked this up, and everything looks good, right? Maybe not. The hawks wore PP in the 1999-2000 season...in which they also dropped the tan outline according to nhluniforms.com. It's also missing the pupil, which I think is kinda odd. So, anyone know why this would have a tan outline? Factory mistake? Jersey made before the manufacturer switch? More pics: https://imgur.com/a/6Ft3GCe
  4. Sounds about right. I know Customs is super slow right now with the whole COVID thing.
  5. A bunch of Flyers do. Giroux and Ghost definitely do.
  6. A guide on how to endear yourself to IJF: Step 1: Make an account Step 2: Tell everyone to go f*ck themselves Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit!
  7. We banned them on Reddit and Discord. Feels way too slimy, almost like getting a 60% off code from a stranger in a hotel.
  8. Well back on the actual topic of this thread. I don't post a ton of mail days, but I was really excited about this one - Pesce's 2016-17 Set 2 Home jersey. You can match up the repair on the sleeve to the photo...that I'm in. Really really special to me, I already hung it up on the wall. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmMU1kKH
  9. Mans hasn't posted in 5 days, especially after @mdwsta4 handed him some truth
  10. "come fight me irl" is the ultimate keyboard warrior move. I am shook. Shooketh.
  11. You mean you're not sure about buying from "Hockey Jersey" in Czech Republic?
  12. @Devilsguy Yea, I had a guy lift my pics of a jersey to peddle his s*** fakes on letgo. But in your case, that's kinda weird. I wonder if it's more of a "documentation" kind of thing?
  13. As I was goofing around, I decided to take a look at NHL Auctions. This was a mistake, as there was only a day left on the bidding for Canes x Hornets warmup jerseys. Not wanting to make the same mistake of using the Reminders app for the ASG jerseys (in which it didn't remind me), I set multiple alerts for the end, and ended up with... Teuvo Teravainen's Canes x Hornets warmup jersey. https://www.flickr.com/photos/184032657@N07/sets/72157713385443481
  14. Yea, I've never had a problem with RA. He's been a solid dude every time we've spoken, but the comments were getting to the gatekeeping side of things.
  15. The NOT GW group name change fiasco, yikes.
  16. At the end of the day, the rule has done far more good than bad on the sub. It's also not aimed towards you or me, but at the random douchenozzles that try to scam people.
  17. Rugs add flair 🤷‍♂️ I tried a black and a white backdrop, it made taking picture of black/white jerseys that much harder. Plus keeping it clean when you have a husky running around is a headache.
  18. Here's how I look at reddit v. FB v. here. - You can sign up for reddit in seconds and do whatever you want. It's totally anonymous and quite frankly, dangerous. It's one of the highest-risk platforms out there. I don't know how people can try to sell via Twitter or IG without G&S. That's absolutely terrifying to me. - FB (typically) has your real name. You have friends and time invested. You don't want to hurt that, so you try to be more honest. - IJF has verification steps, and a content threshold. It's also a very small group of people who hang out here, who are very part
  19. My milkshake lighting brings all the boys to the yard
  20. So taken in the context of "what happens in the DMs": 4 - We only allow paypal to be advertised. If you and someone you trust want to use Venmo, have at it. Between two random people, G&S is the safest and we don't allow anything else. If it was someone I knew and trusted, I'd have no problem with using any tool aside from like WU. 5 - Yea, I guess. I didn't used to put F&F on my posts but I feel like I've posted enough (and there's no rule about it) that I can ask for F&F. If a random person posts who I don't know, then I'd be insisting on G&S. I'll even split the
  21. From a personal perspective, the 180 days that paypal allows for G&S claims is just stupid. 60 days? Sure. 180?! Yikes. I also used to not put F&F as an option on FB until I felt that I was a bit more established as someone trustworthy. But that's my own idiosyncrasy.
  22. Different platforms, different rules, don't know what else to tell you. Seems like you're bent on hating me, so that's fine. I didn't call you a scammer, I asked you to look at from a different context. Yea, it's technically against the ToS but in the context of the platform, F&F on FB is the standard. People also (typically) use their real name and their real profile on FB, so they tend to be more honest. It's also small private groups, whereas reddit is a wide-open thing. At the end of the day, what goes down in the DM's is entirely between two people. All we can do as mods is
  23. Some things to try to filter out jerks: - Set the subreddit to private... which would kill growth. When's the last time you were allowed into a private subreddit? - Filter and manually approve every post: I've seen the headache the FB mods have to deal with on that. Pass. - Set a karma threshold: Easily passed thanks to the freekarma4u subreddit - Set an age threshold: In place, must be 2 days old otherwise requires mod approval to post or comment. Exception is the legit check thread. Doesn't stop people from scamming people. - Set up a verification bot: I've seen th
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