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Street Hockey gear

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I'm looking to get back into this as a way to keep moving without having to run.

what kinds of skates and sticks do you guys use, recommend it recommend against? Haven't had online hockey skates in probably 15 years and my last stick was a super basic entry level thing from a sporting goods store. Mylec I think..?

I'm 6'3 in good shape and hoping to keep everything under $300(skates and stick).  

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I'm using a pair of Bauer Vapors that I've had for like 5-6 years. Forget the exact model. At the time, I was also using some ratty Easton shin pads I used to play ice in, regular ice gloves, and a clearance rack stick. Of course, I was just playing pickup games on the beaches of Los Angeles; not in a league. Haven't played roller since I moved to DC last summer. Strictly on ice now. 


Skates were easily the most expensive part as I already had the gloves/shins, and the stick I think I got for under $50.

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