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Robitaille 99-00 Kings Photomatch help needed


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I picked up this jersey recently from a former LA Kings employee who had locker room access.  I need a photo match for Meigray to certify it.  Can anyone help me?  I am told there is a Kings jersey guru on this site!  $50 to the first person who can nail down a conclusive photo match.  Photos stored on the google link below.  Please help!


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If you are asking MeiGray to certify the jersey as gameworn, I would think MeiGray would be trying to find the photomatch themselves.  It’s what they do.

This jersey may be very difficult to match conclusively, as there seems to be only one or two small marks on the front which might show up in a photo.  Every 1999/2000 gamer I’ve seen has a “99/00” notation written in pen on the inner hem, along with equipment manager Peter Millar’s initials.  There is a website which stores photos of those signatures on each jersey, but you need to know the code for that particular jersey to see the photo.  I figure if there was any writing inside the hem you would have provided a picture of it.  But I wouldn’t say that a lack of the hem notation definitely means the jersey is not a legit gamer.  The lettering is dead-on accurate, and the size is correct, so I figure this jersey might have at least been game-issued for Robitaille, but unless you find that photomatch, it will be hard to prove it’s gameworn.  I took a quick look at Getty, but they don’t show any photos of Robitaille in a road 99/00 jersey, unfortunately.


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