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  1. tomtucker

    Protoype Jerseys

    would have been sweet if they had added some yellow 👀
  2. nice, go ahead rangerboy.... go strud your wicked stuff
  3. okay okay, i see it now. no matter what he did, even if he scored 70 goals, the fans would hate him, why? just because he was a ex- pen?
  4. well... i don't get it. I hate the rangers but i would have no problem if they got Kovalev over to the devils back then.
  5. tons of it........ but what is sarcastic about "She knew what was important to you. You married the right one" ... if i may ask? 🙂 seems like the honest truth
  6. think it was more like to cheer him up....... if someone is sick, tell him/her something positive and new about their hobby. unless it's a cancer stricken smoker.... the news of a new marlboro flavor will not help , ehh at least i think
  7. You should have yelled; "Doctor, you fuc-ked up, now i am hearing things !!" 😄 joking aside, the caps jersey were great back then, they might come back as retro now ! look at blues and kings! btw, did jagr ever wear the white eagle jersey ?
  8. 2001–02 Washington Capitals NHL 69 31 48 79 2002–03 Washington Capitals NHL 75 36 41 77 not to bad....... seems like the caps needed a scapegoat
  9. 😅😆 but seriously, why did/does he hate jagr ??
  10. i see, thanks...... and then they get the jersey back and just hang it on a rack, waiting for you to come get it?
  11. our number 1 jagr fan? lol
  12. well fu*k !! ..... 😲 where and what is this skate zone place?
  13. okay, thanks..... so no stories about EPS
  14. So often it takes a long time before you get your stuff back...... was told here that 3 months at EPS is perfectly normal, .....but has any customizer ever lost any of your jerseys? I mean, if they have so many jerseys laying around, could't some of them easily be misplaced/lost
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