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Carey Price Gamers


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Just curious how much, generally speaking, Carey Price Habs gamers are worth?  What about a Game worn ASG Price?  

I was asked tonight by a friend how knows I'm a collector... And of course, I know nothing about Price gamers.  

Anyone willing to help me out?  I can never tell on guys like this, good Goalie, but has been a loved/hated goalie in Montreal, has never won a cup, etc., so hard to "price" for me. :)

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You can try searching past auction results on classic and GWA.  From a quick search, it appears they range from $2,100 up to $7,400 (Vezina-winning season). There's also an All Star jersey on there that sold for $1,735.  Auction prices aren't the best indicator, but, hey it's a start :)

You might also try asking on the GW Facebook group.  I seem to recall someone selling one recently for around $2,000.  Can't remember the exact "price", though.

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