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Any word on who can best customize a 2018 USA Olympics jersey?


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As ugly as they are, I have to get at least one current USA jersey since the US women did win gold, even though I'll have to settle for a replica. At the minimum, I'll be getting one done up as a Jocelyn Lamoureux since she scored the GWG in the shootout. Obviously it's too early to tell exactly how the customization was done (I did notice that the US jerseys didn't have the perforated numbers like Canada) but has anyone gotten any word on who can do the customization?

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According to EPS' Facebook page, they can do it.

I'm interested in how the jerseys are done. From the best I can see on TV, the 'C' and 'A' are sewn on but the names and numbers are heat pressed. (Anyone else know for sure?)

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