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CCM 550 Vintage "smooth polyester/ultrafil"


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Seeing some throwback CCM replica 550 Vintage series jerseys out there that are different from the double-shoulder air-knit that are typical of the 550 Vintage replicas.  These odd balls are billed as 'smooth polyester' or 'ultrafil' by vendors.

I have never felt a jersey with ultrafil as I'm new to this. Does anyone know if this is the same ultrafil that many really seem to like? Are these 550s a very old version, or were they special edition?

Can anyone speak about the quality of these? I have some of the air knit replica 550s that seem really well built for a replica (like my yellow/greenSeals).  Thanks in advance!

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I’m have not seen these replicas. But, the Ultrafil replicas from back in the day were much lighter weight and much less durable than the Ultrafil authentics we all love. I don’t know if that’s the material they are using, but if so, they look great when new but the material pills/pulls very easily.  

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