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Acetone for glue residue.


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Most advice I come across to remove yellow glue residue from under a patch is acetone. Does anyone have experience using it on an old CCM ultrafil authentic? Any better recommendations if acetone is not the way to go?

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As people like to say when using the stuff, test a little bit of it in an inconspicuous area - bottom hem, inside the jersey - to be sure you won't get any color change.

I've never had an issue with it on ultrafil.  Immediately after I use it, I hand-wash the area with some detergent or mild liquid dish soap and then just be sure to flood the fabric with water to remove all of the remaining chemical and soap.  If it was a really big area, maybe throw in the washing machine.  I typically just hand wash, then rinse well in the tub and then hang dry.

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