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Nike Jersey Differences


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Sorry if there's a thread on this already, didn't find it...

Is there a difference among the Nike NHL jerseys? I have a Flyers orange that feels very jersey-like, but then I also got a white Flyers Nike that kinda feels... I dunno... softer? More silky? Odd sounding I know.

Were there actually on-ice jerseys like this, with these differences? Or did I end up with a weird retail version, or one that someone had laundered WAY too much or something?

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I don't know the answer to why they are different, but I have two 1996-99 Nike Flyers jerseys (an orange and a black) and they both feel the same (kind of soft, actually, but I did wash them both).  Also worth mentioning is that the Nikes feel much thinner than the comparable CCMs I have; On a global scale.  Like the material itself is a few mils thinner.  They also have single-layer lower sleeves (the black part on the sleeve, not talking about the elbow) while every other Flyers jersey from like 1983 to 2006 has that double-layer lower sleeve.  They are both retail authentics, so I don't know if the TI/GW Nikes are any different.

In short, I think that the Nikes feel really cheap compared to all of my other jerseys.  I also have a 1999-00 Phantoms GW (Bauer, but it's still made of Flo-Knit) and it feels just as heavy as my other CCMs.  I think Nike chintzed out.

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