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Proper placement of vintage patches

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I'm not one to "eyeball" where to put stuff because it will eat my sole for the rest of my time here on earth.  Does anyone know the proper placement measurements for:

1. NHL 75th Anniversary patch

2. Stanley Cup 100th Anniversary patch


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5 hours ago, furiousd said:

If there was a spec, it appears no one paid attention. I googled some random teams to look at gamers, and they were all over the place.

Yeah, that's kind of what I figured.  I should have known since the NHL 100th patch is all over the place for placement.  Some are above the numbers, some below, then the Blues and a few other teams for whatever reason are really low below the numbers.

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I've noticed they vary in location on the Devils jerseys, different amounts of space between the bottom of the sleeve number(s) and patch. Makes placement kind of easier, you don't have to be that accurate to be accurate. 

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I'm struggling to find a decent picture for patch placement of the NHL 100th patch for this season for a Canadiens jersey. Is this 'good enough' as a guide? I can't help feeling it looks a bit too close to the numbers... (Most player pictures - Getty images and the like -  have creased arms, etc. so it's even harder to get it right, but they appear to be a little higher than this).

Image result for montreal canadiens jersey nhl100th patch

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1 hour ago, furiousd said:


First decent pic I found. Looks like an inch above the numbers, maybe a little less even.

I agree, I think it looks slightly less than an inch. Maybe 3/4"

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