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Custom Jersey Canada / customize-sports on eBay


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OK, I'm going to go a a bit of a rant here about the situation I am going through with this company (Custom Jersey Canada or customize-sports on eBay).  I am sure most of you have seen on eBay there jersey kits that they offer for sale.  I know that there listings are not 100% accurate with the size of the numbers etc, but they obviously have what seems like a good set up and are able to custom cut tackle twill.  There were a couple of kits that I wanted to get, however, I notice that they are not perfect.  So I contact them all the way back on July 28 and ask if it would be possible to get kits made for these teams and adjust the size of the numbers and letters to the proper sizing.  I have the proper dimensions of what the numbers and letters should be and also sent them pictures of game worn jerseys so they can get an accurate idea of the fonts and sizing that they used.  They say they absolutely can do this and they appreciate my help with making everything as accurate as possible for their files.

I told them to please send me pictures when they get them completed so I can approve of them prior to sending them out.  Well, they send the out and forgot to send the pictures to me, but they were on their way to me in less than two weeks.  OK, not a big deal, but like I had guessed, they were incorrect.  The first one (90s Winnipeg Jets) was the incorrect font for what they wore, and the other (1st year Lightning) had the incorrect color for the top layer.  I contacted Kevin (they guy I had been talking to about this) and let him know that these are not right.  He told me to just keep what they had sent and they would correct the errors and send them out to me.  I told him, prior to even cutting them, send me the art proofs so that way you are not wasting material if they are not perfect.

So, I waited, and waited, waited.  After numerous emails on Sept 9, I received one art proof of the number '1' for the Jets jersey.  It was incorrect, and I sent them notes on what needed to be changed.

On Sept 25th, I received an apology that is wad taken this long and they would get on it right away.

One Oct 25th, I resent them the info of the dimensions with the pictures as references to help them out with a promise they would work on them immediately.

on Nov 2, a promise from him that the art proof would come that week..nothing

and then on Nov 26 this response:"I am sorry. I didn't forget you. I will get time to handle your case in this coming week. I will contact you."  This is the last I heard from him.  I have sent him about 10 email since them just asking for a refund for what I had paid.  No response...Nothing.

Anyway, I just wanted to get the word out there that you should not waste your time with this company.  What they list on eBay is not correct - everything they have is cut at 11" back numbers and the lettering is often not thick enough.  And even when they say the can adjust the dimensions to what is correct, apparently they are not able to do this.  I should have just ponied up the extra money and sent them to Kenner or EPS where you know what you will get.



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