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Is it possible to get this unique customization on a jersey?

Operation Ivy

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I just got a green Thrashers practice jersey, it's not the same one as in the pics, but I still want to know if it would be possible to get the same customization as these ones. I have wanted one of these since they were first worn but this is probably as close as I will get. Since the numbers are a unique negative space design I would probably have to spend more, but I'm not doing it if it would cost over $200. cropped_thrashersstpattys.jpg?ts=1455907

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So your the one who snaked that practice jersey.....And an answer to your question is go to a graphics shop and have them make it for you, which will probably be the easiest.  They should be able to get the material and can digitally produce and cut it out.

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3 hours ago, TMLFAN said:

It's just twill with the numbers cut out.  Any customizer should be able to do it.  

Yup, shouldn't be hard. I'd try to find the back of the exact guy's jersey that I wanted, to provide to the customizer for accuracy's sake. 

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