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Hartford Whaler Jersey Help


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I had been looking for a green Whalers jersey for quite some time. One just popped up on eBay the other day, and I snagged it up. The jersey just showed up, and  I am trying to figure out what year it is, and if it is just a authentic fan jersey, or possibly a recycled pre-season jersey. Here are the pictures:










From what I can tell, with help from that jersey book some guy wrote ;-), the jersey should be from the 89-90 season based on the arms and the CCM logo with no NHL shield. However, it has the 75th anniversary patch (I'm not sure if it is an authentic patch). I could not find any indication of a Sullivan on the Whalers during this time based on hockeydb.com, but they don't have training camp or preseason rosters. I did find an indication of a recycled preseason Whalers jersey with the same indications as this one. Air-Knit jersey with big block CCM logo, no NHL logo, but the customization is different. Here is a link to that: http://www.gamewornauctions.net/products/1991_92_Scott_Daniels_Hartford_Whalers_Pre_Season_Game_Worn_Jersey-9806-218.html

I am just wondering if it is just a fan jersey to strip it and customize it with Francis or someone like that, however, if it comes from the team, I will probably leave it.  Is there any indications that I should look for when it arrives? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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I think your initial guess is correct about it being from 1989-90.  Everything about it from the sleeve stripe pattern, airknit material, logos, etc. is consistent with that season.  Whether it was originally team-issued or just a retail jersey, I don't think there was any difference between them so you couldn't tell.  But sorry to say, that 75th patch is an awful repro, so for sure the team wouldn't have put that on.  Probably just a customized fan jersey.

Btw, the Daniels preseason jersey you linked to is ultrafil, not airknit, and it has sleeve stripes that are closer to the sleeve tips, just like the regular season 91/92's.  It's a bit strange that there's no NHL shield on it though.

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