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Team Style Guides

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So while I'm not yet cleared to share the Style Guide(s) I have, I didn't want to derail the Stahl's thread with more stuff. @TMLFAN appeared to be interested, so some others may be as well?

There's a puff piece about the 2016 Nashville ASG Design work that includes a great picture of a very thorough style guide (in the NHL format, too!):


Team guides are much less graphics heavy, as they don't tend to have as much detail, or as many variations on logos. Though I'd love to see the Canadiens one, to see whats English and what's French in terms of graphics (or do they have both for everything?). The domain for this department is public, at http://retail.nhl.com/ . However, you need to have a login to get very far (but there's a public-ish mailing list powered by mailchimp that they may or may not monitor?)

For further reading, here's a decently informative (though perhaps outdated) thread over at SportsLogos  about style guides from across the league and how hard it is to come across them, and how easy it is to lose access (hence my hesitation for sharing). ColorWerx.Net appears to have a source for these, because the stuff he has for some teams matches the stuff I'm seeing almost perfectly (he may've changed the colors of a few so they display on RGB screens better, as everything is actually Pantone colors)

Anywho, whilst I await answers on what I am allowed to share from private info, I can try and answer questions/find public resources like everyone else? 

The above is all public information, found via web searches, while I was not at work, not using company resources. I don't represent the company I work for nor our client(s) and my opinions are my own. [Hey HR, I followed the Social Media Policy this time!]

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1 hour ago, TMLFAN said:

Thanks for all the info.  I wasn't aware that these files were so top secret.

They're PDFs with the graphics and fonts embedded in a vector form. It would be trivial to make (unlicensed) merchandise that looks like licensed merch from these files, so I'd guess that's why. I'm amazed that ColorWerx hasn't been shut down if that's the case, though.

Without the files, one is left guessing and recreating as best they can which helps distinguish licensed merch from unlicensed. On the other hand, I've seen some licensed stuff that looks worse than the knockoff stuff, so even authorized licensees don't seem to follow the guides too closely.

I'm curious if the stance on these has softened in the 10 years since that SportsLogos thread, though. I'm really tempted to put feelers out and see what teams may share them anyways. Problem being, if I use official back-channels, I'm bound by my employment agreement. If I use public channels, I would not be surprised to be ignored.

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