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  1. Here's two NE patches, one from single packaging, and one from bulk packaging (where they sell us stacks of 100 without the cardboard backing). The underlying fabric is different, they're cut differently, the colors are different and QC appears to be abhorrent across both sets. (see the pull in the individual, and there are plenty of inconsistencies across the batch set that I can share as well) Bottom is from individual packaging, top is from bulk. Both came in the same box from NE.
  2. Just saw this, sorry. This is a size 46 so the sizing might be a bit funny.
  3. Not everyone (read: every team) wants the patch. I'm sure that didn't help matters. Oh, also, the blame doesn't lie on NE. They're normally well prepared for this type of stuff.
  4. Because NE is taking forever to get these out to retailers in any meaningful quantities. I've had some on order for both the store, and a personal order for myself since about a week before they were (officially) announced to the public, and still no shipping info. Last I talked to them, my ship date was the end of January, so we'll see. Everything was a rush job with these. I heard something about some letterers not getting enough for team sets at first-- this is totally unconfirmed though, but interesting if true.
  5. How can you tell? As I don't have a ton of experience looking for kiss cut, I'm not all that sure what to look for... The only thing I can sort of see is that the numbers have rigidity when the surrounding fabric is bending in a way that the sample did not.
  6. Coming back to this, the sample that got furthest was same font but kiss cut numbers. I wasn't much a fan of it, as the twill CSL was using is quite flimsy. I can maybe get pictures up of a premier style sample if anyone is curious enough. I still haven't heard what the team decided, and I can't seem to find any on-ice pictures that would confirm/deny it. FWIW, we continue to receive normal stacked lettering at the Flagship Store and at the UC.
  7. Yeah, that's the one haha. I picked up a few from him actually. Decent guy, everything's in good shape too. I got lucky that he was local though, as he originally had asked for a check, which I refuse to send.
  8. Awesome. Thanks for the info. There's a bunch of old patches (including those two) in the warehouses at the UC/HQ that we always wondered about, and never knew what was or wasn't worn -- and no one in the organization seems to remember or care. Now I need to remove two patches (both of those, actually) on a Nike I just picked up.
  9. Does anyone have an idea when/if the Blackhawks wore a Chicago Stadium 60th anniversary patch (88-89 or 89-90?)? Or for that matter, a remember the roar patch in '95 or afterwards?
  10. I suppose. Also, the "New" style shield. Though not all teams have it (still looks like the Blackhawks don't, unlike some others)
  11. Can confirm. I actually forgot to send a check in with my jersey, and was mailed it and an invoice back at the same time (though, it was to work, so that may have had something to dow ith it). Overnighted them a check. In any case, checks/MOs are the way to go with Blake's. No CC/Online payments (though there might be a service who'll send MOs on your behalf?)
  12. Not sure where else to post as it doesn't require its own topic (yet?) but if anyone was thinking of getting a 2016-2017 blackhawks roster player lettered up, I'd hold off for a couple weeks. There's a couple proposals out there to change some portion of the customization for the gamers. I'm told team is reviewing and we should hear back fairly soon.
  13. Someone was asking about Montreal in the old thread... The shop at the Bell Center claims to use the same source as the team, but will not divulge the information of who that is. My quick comparison with a buddy's game worn and my 2.0 purchased through them look to be correct, though sizing looks funny as I have a 46.
  14. (hope this is okay) month later, still looking, if anyone has leads, please let me know!
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