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What nhl game should I go to in march ?

Blake Hemlow

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Hello Everyone I need your opinions on what nhl game I should go to in march of 2017 ( I live in calgary alberta by the way ) 

1. Pittsburgh Penguins Vs Calgary Flames

2. Boston Bruins Vs Calgary Flames 

3. LA King Vs Calgary Flames 

4. Colorado Avalanche Vs Calgary Flames 

5. San Jose Sharks Vs Calgary Flames 


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Ahhhh...there's nothing better than being MIA for a minute, only to return to see that nothing changes around here. Thank you, Guam, you are my comfort food.

Blake, there are several options:

a) which opponent do you hate most, and would like to see Calgary beat up on?

b ) which opponent do you like most, and won't mind as much when Calgary records their 40th loss of the season? (more likely)

c) how come for every option you put Vs Calgary Flames? any psychiatrist will tell you that there's your problem right there

Which bring us to -

d) go see a Pens Vs Caps game instead - please refer to Guam's signature

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