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Victoria (Salmon Kings + Royals) Help


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Looking to get my royals and Salmon Kings jerseys customized. Any idea who did them or can do them?

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I was going to say no, but then a last chance look at meigray got me the salmon kings. 



Now, anyone know where I can get a canadian flag patch or a save on foods one?

And is this enough of a reference photo for a the royals jersey?

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Obviously, the closer you can get to a gamer picture of the player you want, the better. Preferably, laid out nice like Meigray. Use your Google fu. Search gettyimages. Do a site-specific search of gamewornauctions.net. Check eBay (I happen to have seen a few Salmon Kings on there recently). Go to the game worn forums and see if anyone has one for sale.

For a customizer for a job like this, I'd see what EPS or Keener Jerseys has to say. They're the best-equipped outfits I know of to replicate odd fonts.

I'm afraid I don't have much to offer on the patches. It seems getting a sponsor patch for minor league jerseys is a common difficulty.

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How exact of a match do you want for the Canadian flag patch?

I've got some loose ones and a few I've stripped off jerseys (may have more somewhere).


The one in the bottom left of the pic is probably the closest of mine I've found so far.

If you want it, I can send it in an envelope and send it to you.  If not, If I find a closer one at home I'll try to remember to post a pic here.P1040197_zpsqbcystxa.jpg

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