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  1. Looking for the NHL shield patch that was beside the CCM patch on the back of NHL jerseys. The one I'm trying to replicate is from the Nordiques in the early 90's, so the letters 'NHL' run from the top left corner to the bottom right. I'm guessing it's about 1 - 1 1/4 inches. I don't have the Nordiques CCM shield patch either but have got one of another jersey that has a slightly dark blue background (Avalanche instead of Nordiques blue) and will do. Everything NHL shield patch I see on ebay is over 2" Willing to trade or possibly purchase one or more of these small NHL shield patches.
  2. Never saw any Wings jerseys. I probably didn't get there on the first day when the jerseys got in; I got a first look when they were on for $20 and picked some up when marked down to $7. Wasn't a lot of choice in NHL jerseys that were XL or bigger - I only saw many, many, white Buffaslug jerseys and a few Columbus practice jerseys and two white Canucks ones with screened crest - most were/are NLL jerseys. If you have a Liquidation World in your area could always try there.
  3. Was at my local Liquidation World store a little while ago - had some Reebok jerseys marked down to $7. Most were kids/smaller sizes, but picked up a cheap white XXL Buffaslug replica (tag says 7185 Premier Jers). They also had quite a few NLL jerseys and I got a size 56 New York Titans one.
  4. if you have a liquidation world in your neck of the woods, check them out. my local one has reebok caps (hats) that have 2009 Calder Cup Champions with the Hersey bears logo below for $5 (canadian).
  5. greyraven8

    Jersey fabrics

    according to the gameworn site they wore knit from 1970-78 mesh from 1978-82 knit from 1982- at least 2002 (that's as far as they have done for that team) the drop the pucks site has pictures of game worn ones that maska & ccm ultrafil knit from 1983-2000. could check some other gameworn sites for pics. of more recent canucks jerseys or try some auction sites (like lelands or classicauctions for pics) or maybe check some photo sharing sites like photoshop or webshots.
  6. greyraven8

    Jersey fabrics

    There is a section on the faqs on bigstick.ca's website that describes the different hockey jersey materials. bigstick gameworn.net has a section that says what type of material and other info. on NHL jerseys since the 70's gameworn
  7. Yes it was a piece of crap. Remembered it being not that good, but didn't think it was that bad - haven't seen the movie in a long time. thanks for the link.
  8. There are a couple of movie/tv jerseys and equipment on Ebay - sold by discount_sports_apparel from "Miracle on Ice", "Keep your head up, kid: The Don Cherry Story", "Might Ducks", and "The Rocket: The Legend of Rocket Richard" and "Mystery Alaska" The only other movie hockey jerseys I can think of off hand not yet mentioned are the Howe Red Wings jersey in Ferris Bueller, and a few jerseys in the movie "Clerks" when they are playing hockey on the roof - I think a CCCP, Devils, and Penguins jerseys were worn (maybe others??); not sure if any of them were customized. As ugly as it is I would
  9. bought a jersey from Crimson. looks better than pictured and was sent out in the mail very quickly.
  10. I saw a picture online of the team photo of the 1975 flyers. The were wearing their orange jerseys and they had a black oval patch with a silver stanley cup inside it. Does anyone know at what times did they wear the jerseys with this patch; was it just for the photo? was it other times? did they wear it with their white jerseys? any information would be appreciated, will
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