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Worth Fixing?


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Hey all, tried to find an appropriate thread, but figured I create a new one for this question.

I sent an edge 1.0 08 Winter Classic Pens jersey to Cutting Edge to have it made into a Crosby. Got it back and it looks great, except it was pointed out that Cutting Edge gave me the newer Captain's C, worn on the baby blue alternates after the Winter Classic. 

In the Winter Classic, the C was a bit wider.

Real jersey



My jersey


Should I send it back? I had no idea 2 different C's were used or I would have pointed it out. Could a shop like EPS or Brilliant make this change easy?

Thanks for your input



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If you prefer the C to be a little bit wider (that's what she said), then by all means send it back. Keep in mind, though, you may see some residue/damage left behind at the ends of the C, that area would not be completely covered by the new C. 

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In a sea of 18,000 fans at a game, I imagine your C will get lost in the mix of thousands of fake and replica jerseys.  I would leave it alone if your jersey is a 1.0.  The glue and pulling will damage the material and for what is spent to fix you will only make things worse.  IMHO! 

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