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Cleaning Stains Off of Twill Numbers.....


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Is there a specific way to clean stains off of twill numbers without ruining the numbers or would basic washing be sufficient enough?

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I would say it depends on what type of stain it is. If it's something easily water-soluble like a soda stain, a regular wash with a gentle detergent should take care of it. But if it's oil-based, like a sauce stain, then I would try the regular wash first, but if it doesn't come out I would try a solvent that evaporates quickly, like acetone, and then wash again.

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Agreed but you could also try Dawn dish detergent as an intermediate step. That stuff does a phenomenal job of releasing stains. Dampen the area, apply Dawn, rub it in, leave it for 10 minutes, then wash as normal.

Not just for jerseys, I do this with any stained clothing (and I have an 8 year old so there's lots).

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