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The dream is dead :(

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Nah I'm just kidding lol, can't resist these uber-emo titles and making my own haha. Got a text today from THK reminding me I haven't done anything on here in forever, so I just wanted everyone to know I am indeed alive.

My inactivity is due to the following:

-Not much excitement on the jersey front. I am pretty much happy with what I have right now, no new players I'm dying to get, and I'm widdling down to only Flyers as it's all I ever freakin' wear.

-Funds going elsewhere: buying a house soon, I buy way too many action figures, and I'm super into drumming right now and modding my set. My hobbies go in cycles...I didn't buy a jersey for like a three year span before joining here and going absolutely bonkers for like 5 years. It's in a recess currently.

-You have much more free time when you're in school. Stay in school, kids, and cut every class. Way more time to yourself. Working sucks, never do it.

I hope there were no fan-fics written about abusing my corpse that I just destroyed by posting this.

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You're both sweet hearts hahahaha.

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