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  1. Updated, make me an offer if you like something! They'll be going to eBay shortly.
  2. Updated. Also, if you PMed me and it didn't go through (or you couldn't in the first place), I'm an idiot and my inbox was full, so shoot me a message.
  3. Blues White "RBK" Size 54 - $60: SOLD 2008 East All-Star Richards, XL, small stain on under arm (looks cleanable), two layer numbers, sublimated patches - $60: 2001 NHL All-Star World Size 52 - $125:
  4. Flyers Home Orange Wellwood Game-Issued "Reebok" Size 52 2.0 nwt - $250: Flyers Home Orange "RBK" Size 52 1.0 nwt - $150: - SOLD Flyers Home Orange Gagne "RBK" Old butterknife font, used in two games, Size 52 1.0 nwt - $300: IIHF Slovakia 2010 Nike XL - $60: Lightning Home "RBK" Size 54, no neck tag but arm tag, from Meigray - $60: 2010 Canada Olympics Richards, size XL, imperfect sleeve as I had the correct patch put on - $65:
  5. Hey everyone, long time no anything. Bought a house, got married, realized how much growing up sucks, and now I'm selling all of the jerseys I'm either 1) never going to wear or 2) never going to have the time to do anything with. I've amassed a lot of projects over the years, that I will literally never get to now that I'm a miserable adult. Shipping will be via Priority, cost based on your zip...Canada we can talk. If you have any questions let me know. Also if you don't like a price, make me an offer. I'm not super set in stone and I've been out of the market for a while. Anywho, here
  6. Did he contact anyone yet to fulfill their order? I've never purchased from him off of eBay, so I'm not sure how to finalize the process.
  7. I'm willing to pay $400+ for a one off jersey. The Winter Classic cost me around that and I don't regret it an ounce. Oh, and he ended up replying to me. Got the same time frame as everyone else. Just got a bit paranoid.
  8. I messaged him originally in February, said I was on the list. Never got another message. Shot him one last night, nothing yet. Hope I'm not left out in the cold on this one. Did he reach out to you guys first?
  9. Crap, he has 52s? Expect to see some jerseys on sale in my thread shortly lol.
  10. Haha I know, jeeze do I come off as that big of a sissy?? I just want to know where everyone is messaging him so he actually gets it lol.
  11. Oh I did, I'm asking if that's where everyone's contacting him. I've never contacted the elusive baron before.
  12. Wait, am I supposed to message JB on eBay? I NEED a white and a black!
  13. I would eat my first born to get a black one. I NEED it.
  14. He's amazing man. Is JB getting in the all-stars? Also, is there some revelation I missed about him being like the god of attaining jerseys?
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