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Looking for good detailed pictures of recent Nike jerseys

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Right now, I'm working on a concept design series to depict what the NHL would look like if Nike took over the contract. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I'm really trying to perfect my template and unfortunately I've run into some problems - the kind of problems that will probably necessitate me re-starting the project from the beginning.

Anyway, I'm looking for some good pictures that detail the stitching of the jerseys, specifically the back. I know that the jerseys have the mesh panels that go down the sides of the torso, but diagrams of other (past) Nike jerseys show a horizontal mesh panel running across the lower back that connects the bottom of the two side panels. I need to know if that feature is still present. Additionally, where (if at all, since I don't think they bother with it for international jerseys since fighting isn't kosher) the fight strap is attached with relation to the rest of the jersey.

All in all, I want to make this template as accurate as possible. Any photographs that might help (or advice on improving the template) would be appreciated.

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A ton of jerseys from Sochi have been auctioned in the past few months. Lots of the auctions have some pretty solid pictures you could use as a resource. For example:




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Hmm. So I do need to get rid of the horizontal mesh panel from my template.

Do I have the fight strap too low or are my numbers too small? Here's what the template looks like with a team design applied.

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Alright, here's where the template was originally:

And here it is after the first round of revisions:

Thoughts? Also, I should note that my template is based on this template (because I prefer the shape of that template) and so there may be some issues getting it to look right.

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