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  1. Please PM me with any interest to make sure that I get notification of your message. Brown University: $150 - Francis Drolet - game worn - size 54 $75 - Harry Zolnierczyk - authentic - size 54 Team USA: $400 - Connor Carrick - game worn (WJC) - size 56 Sweden: $125 - Tyler Arnason (Brynas IF Gavle) - game worn - size 54
  2. Here's a link to the thread. I don't know why, but the title stuck with me so it was easy to retrieve.
  3. It is authentic. Not sure about customization -- a resident Philly fan will have to chime in on that aspect.
  4. Awesome, thanks for the heads up. Anyone know what the going rate off eBay was for one of these?
  5. Has anyone inquired to him about his ability to get any more Caps Winter Classic jerseys? All he has had in stock on eBay for a month or so now are size 46/60. Also, did anyone get an off-eBay deal from him on a Caps Winter Classic jersey?
  6. Mike is easy to work with -- love doing deals with him.
  7. They do Rangers jerseys. Many of the resident Rangers fans on this board have dealt with them -- try reaching out to one of them. If you search threads for Arena Wear (they're often mentioned), you can find people who have dealt with them. This thread, for example, may help steer you towards the right people.
  8. Could you be wearing any more jerseys?
  9. Looks like a worse Princeton alternate jersey to me.
  10. NFL basically already does this. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/09/sports/football/personalizing-jerseys-of-top-nfl-picks-is-a-race-against-the-clock.html?_r=0
  11. That Bourdon jersey... geez, can't be many of those.
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