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I am curious how many of you out there are also members of specific team message boards and how often you check those.

I am a member of the Sabres, Thrashers, and Stars boards but of the 3 mostly post to the Thrashers board in addition to this one.

I look at the Stars one once in a while, but only joined up with it because they were talking about a few players on Idaho and I felt since I lived there I could give an honest opinion about the players.

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If something is due to happen with my team, like the trade deadline, or if I have a team specific question I will go to the Minnesota Wild boards for the breaking news or answer I am looking for.

They are fanatical and really on top of things there, but it's just not a place I need to go every day. A lot of personal bitching about certain players performance and a lot of general "static" to wade through. Sometimes that happens when a board gets too big for it's own good.


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I don't go to nyr.com at all but I do frequent the Rangerland.net forums a lot. Also, sometimes I bounce around the canucks.com boards.

Probably one of the top 10-15 posters of all-time on the Sabres boards.

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