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The Queen isn't feeling the Jets sweaters


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That's right Jets fans and players be on your best behavior or you face the ire of the English crown. No wonder Quebec doesn't want to be a part of this anymore.

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*EDIT* Most Canadians don't give a sh!t what the queen thinks.......


Unfortunately not enough and some still kiss her ######......don't people realize we are our own country now for ages.......

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God save the Queen!

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You guys are so cute up there! :D

The thing I love about Canada is that they have so much room and so few people, there is even a part of it they haven't named after all these years.

"the northwest territories". You know, that territory up there, in the northwest that's ours. Perhaps some day we'll need to use it and can come up with a name for it then.

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There's a reason that the majority of the Canadian population is amassed at the U.S.-Canada border: INVASION.

Our only hope? Sheriff Bud Boomer.

We're not too worried about invasion - in fact we don't even have guns because we won't need them!

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