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Improper Customization from an Official Place?


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I just realized today that my Tavares 1.0 jersey (the blue one) from RCS has the wrong font. I was talking to someone who loves RCS' customization and makes a habit of sending out to them instead of going to Stitches NY (my white JT) to get customization, and I took pictures of my Stitches jersey and RCS jersey side-by-side to prove other aspects of the customization different, then I stumbled upon the differences in the number 9. The Isles use a rounded-ish square on the inside of their 9s. My jersey from RCS is a perfect square.

Granted I bought this jersey 2 years ago (Delivered on October 2, 2009...I believe I ordered around the end of July/early Aug 09), is there anything I can do about this issue? It is really bothering me now. I expected better from RCS.

There are some pictures in my PBof the other differences (name plate material, etc), but this is what I am talking about:


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Good luck! I feel your pain.

I'm on record as to this is why this craziness has pushed me to game worns. Period.

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Thanks! Haha so I guess they did the first ever Tavares jersey style then, not gamer style!

I think that might have been an EPS job (EPS didn't do the right font on Grabner's skills competition jersey).

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A problem most official licensed customizers are running into is that the official template that the NHL distributes to them, is incorrect because teams are using local shops that make their own adjustments to make life easier for them. I know for a fact that the Flyers fonts are very similar to what the NHL distributes, but the local customizer does things like straight cutting the outer layer of twill rather than following the contour of the number as seen on robt77a's Timonen WC jersey:


I will edit the post to post his pic if he doesn't mind, but for now click on through to his site, it's definitely worth the look...

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