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HELP - Stripping a logo off a hat


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Sorry if this should go in an existing topic, but I couldn't find anything on this.

I am in need of two patches of the old style Phoenix Coyotes logo for two All Star jerseys I am having done up with Roenick. I can't seem to find these patches ANYWHERE though.

So, what I'm wondering, is would it be possible to strip the logo off this hat:


And then have it sewn onto the jersey? Has anyone tried anything like this before? Does anyone know a bit more about how these logos are applied that might shed some light on whether it would work?

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I think theyre generally embroidered to the hat, which means they arent coming off.

Hard to find a good picture but you can see this one here a bit, http://www.striptees-usa.com/inside%20emb.jpg

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I really don't think that patch is even remotely close to being the right size. Keep your eyes on the Bay man, it took like 6 months to score a Jets All Star patch, which was only used for one game.

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XC and I searched for over a year or more each to find a correct Canucks patch for All-Star jerseys, but it paid off when a Canadian seller found a few still in their original national emblem packaging and put them up on eBay. Just be patient.

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