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Russian/KHL Jersey Buying Help


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I've been on the hunt recently to try and grab a KHL Metallurg jersey (preferably Brent Sopel if this is possible). In my hunt I actually came across a few designs I would love to eventually have in the collection but I know nothing about the jerseys from over there other than they are sublimated. I did some digging here and found some good information but a lot of it appears old and not sure if some of the sites that were suggested are still good. So does anybody have any suggestions as to what to watch for and what to avoid? Is it possible to get a custom jersey from this upcoming season (I have not successfully found a place yet). Are there replicas & authentics, are there fakes out there? I know nothing about these guys so any info would be appreciated, thanks!

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Here's one sight that I know of that sells Russian game worn jerseys.


I have bought jerseys from this person in the past and have always had good dealings with him.

Most of the fake Russian jerseys I have seen are older styles either from the Red Army team or the Soviet/Russian national team. The fake ones usually have very flimsy material and look really cheap. Lutch does make replicas of the old CCCP and Red Army jerseys. I've never seen a fake Lutch or Kait jersey. The numeric sizing for Lutch jerseys is the same as pre-edge numeric sizing. Kait's numeric sizing is different. For the most part, Russian teams don't have fight straps, a few teams seem to be using them now. Since the mid to late '90's Lutch and Kait have been making all the jerseys. All of the custom ones I've bought from them have been the same as the game worns I've bought with the exception of having the name plate sewn on, and not all teams do that one their gamers. All 3 of the web sites I used to buy custom jerseys from no longer exist.

This site may be able to do what you're looking for. They also have a page showing the Lutch and Kait sizing.


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Anyone have any idea where to find a Kovalchuk Spartak Moscow jersey? All the sites I know of seems to be out.

Try contacting Abrom on eBay. He has some Kovalchuk Russian jerseys available now and he may be able to track down what you want.

I bought a Russian Kait gamer from him and he was a great guy to deal with. We messaged back and forth before I commited to buy and he seems to know his stuff.

abroms eBay store

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Where can I buy newer game worn KHL jerseys? I am looking specifically for Zuccarello and Thoresen jerseys.

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