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  1. Found it. Good luck playing a fast moving game dressed like this.
  2. The Monarchs played the Providence Bruins that night and the Bruins showed up with only their black road jerseys. This left the Monarchs wearing dark purple with yellow highlights and the P-Bruins wearing black with yellow highlights.The players and officials were all having issues telling each other apart so the Monarchs switched to their normal home whites after the first period. I had a picture but it was on my old phone. It was indeed a very confusing situation.
  3. It's been a long time since I've added anything here. Life got in the way of the jersey thing but this was a surprise gift from my wife yesterday. Dwight King 2012 Stanley Cup Finals Set 2. Worn in Game 5 in New Jersey. Some light research has photomatched loose threads on the shoulder numbers to some Getty Image photos. Still plenty of pictures to look through. Amazing gift. Amazing wife. Amazing life.
  4. Monarchs new jerseys are in and they are indeed CCM branded.
  5. I meant "fakes" as the generic "not what they're being passed off as". Jerseys themselves are real but "team issued" not so much. I have suspicions where they came from but that's neither here nor there. They are most definitely NOT Monarchs issued.
  6. Heads up to eBay searchers. There are phony Manchester Monarchs jerseys being peddled as game issued and coming directly from a "team source". Don't be fooled. The jerseys are the wrong sizes for the players listed and completely wrong style for the players they are customized for. They have jerseys for Pearson and Toffoli that are customized on jerseys that were out of use before the players were even drafted by the Kings. The Toffoli is also customized onto a 52 which would be interesting for a guy who's 6'1. A Dwight King on a size 54 whch is laughable since he wore 58 as a Monarch and 58+
  7. I was speaking to the guy who is designing the jersey for the Monarchs and he has a.few different mockups he's put together. So its not going to be an exact copy of the BK but will be based on it.
  8. It's nice after all this time to get an answer to a question. The All-Star jersey I posted about over 2 years ago was indeed raffled off by Luc Robitaille the year he won the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings. it seems Luc had a party at his house for about 300 people to celebrate his Cup win and he raffled off a bunch of pucks, sticks, etc. It was a private party for friends and family and one of the items he raffled off was indeed the jersey I have. How did I finally get an answer to this? Asked the man himself. He did a speaking engagement for the Manchester Monarchs and afterward took t
  9. Monarchs have had specialty jerseys made by other makers than Reebok. As a Monarchs STH I'm praying for a BK special jersey. I'll be adding one to the closet at the post game auction if that's the case.
  10. First off that was a 5:11 video that could have and should have been :45 long. And even at :45 it would have been painfully long. Second that's the most ridiculous thing I've seen in a long time. Thirdly why did the person who posted that to YouTube record the game on a handheld recorder pointed at their tv? Never heard of a DVR?
  11. eBay has become a show place for jerseys sellers. It's not really a selling tool anymore. I see jerseys that have been isted 15-20 times always for the same price that never sell. Sellers seem afraid or unwilling to work outside of eBay. The casual jersey seller doesn't know or care about the various jersey boards, forums, Facebook sites, etc that could save them loads of money in fees and at the same time lower the sale price to something more in-line with what a buyer would be willing to pay. I have bought one jersey off eBay in over a year and unless I get a true steal don't see it happe
  12. Nothing yet but I always cave in on the last day or two and pickup something. The things I want most aren't on sale anyway so no hurry to dive in.
  13. A couple minor additions from the last week or so. 2010 Freddy Meyer Islanders St. Patricks Day warmup jersey. And a 07-08 Brendan Buckley Manchester Monarchs pre-season jersey. Buckley was signed to the team that year but left before the start of the regular season to play overseas. Not a huge fan of light wear preseason jerseys or Edge 1.0 jerseys but the price was too good to turn down.
  14. Well me to hell. Carolina Hurricanes for Gods sake. I picked the wrong time to stop sniffing glue.
  15. No that was a brain fart. I meant Florida Panthers. Long week
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