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Difference in Customization Between Different Sites


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I noticed that Cool Hockey has a sale on customization for $29. I was wondering though, what the difference is between sites like Cool Hockey and SportsK that usually charge around $60 for customization, and other sites like River City Sports and IceJerseys that charge $70-85. Is there a difference in the material that's used? I see all websites stitch on names and numbers, so I was wondering where the price difference comes from.

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Its pretty much that a company can charge whatever they want. Stitches NY, the offical company for the Isles, charge $50 for an Islanders jersey. Its pretty much all the same materials. I probably couldn't tell the difference between a Stitches and Ice Jerseys job. (I can tell the difference between an EPS and Stahls jobs compared to Stitches)

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It is whatever the company chooses to charge. Many of the companies use external sources to do their customization as well. I know I have received jerseys from Icejerseys from about 3 or 4 different customizers (including EPS)

I figure some of them base their prices on whatever the customizer actually charges them.

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