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NY Rangers experts help needed.

Hockey Bob

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I bought this Rangers jersey because it was listed as "only worn 2 X"


I like my jersey's crisp and looking new.

When it arrived it was obvious that it was neither crisp nor only worn 2 X, It has a ton of repairs done to it.

When I contacted the seller he changed his story and claimed it was game worn. He said he sold it for a friend and his friends dad worked security for the Rangers, I didn't feel comfortable buying that story and he had no letter of authenticity so I requested a refund and he's taking his time on it.

In the mean time I have been looking it over and here's my question... it has a TON of repairs done to it under the arms, on the belly and the jersey has been shortened, between the top white ring around the mid section and the numbers - the jersey was folded over and stitched all the way around. All repairs and the stitching for the shortening appear to have been professionally done, It has a Gerry Cosby patch sewn on the inside neck and over the fight strap.

What gets me is that the CCM "Made in Canada" tag is still fairly crisp as well as the size 54 tag for the nearly 20 repairs made.

Also, the fight strap appears to be pretty worn.

Is it possible this is a gamer?

I can send additional pic's of the repairs tags ect but I have not had success posting them on here.

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First to say, not a Rangers expert at all. But we can probably give you a much better idea with some photo's.

The Cosby patch on the neck and fight strap is an interesting detail. I know the 94 finals gamers had either a heat pressed or ink stamp on the strap from Cosby's. Also the tagging staying crisp can easily happen if that part of the neck isn't directly touching the jersey during play (IE: equipment or undershirt is between the player and the jersey) The shortening is also another potential sign that you can use to compare with other gamers of the same player based on their personal statistics.

You MAY have just gotten a $90 gamer... but pictures tell a thousand words!

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Take hi-res pictures of the front and back. Then, turn the shirt inside out and do the same. Shoulder area, collar, name and numbers, fight strap, elbows; everything. I have to tell you though; the description says there's a patch on each shoulder. That screams red flag right there.

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difficult to say from the pic, however i can tell you those 94 jerseys are the most often faked, but a fake nemchinov i have never seen. Mike is pretty good with the Rangers if you want other opinions post the pics here.

Also i have never seen a fake ranger with the cosby tag

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Oh yeah; I didn't mean to make it seem like mine is the only opinion that matters. I just didn't want the huge shots clogging up the site. Please feel free to put the resized ones here too.

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After looking at the pics Mike posted in the game worn forum, i cross referenced it with pics of a tikkanen 93-94 i had in my photo library and also look at a nemchimnov (92-93) that was in classic auction and everything including size,repairs,tagging and patches match up.

if i had to guess without actually seeing the jersey in person i would say the jersey is a gamer, if i were you i would try to get a photo match to it there is a ton of wear and there is a lot of pics available that year, the rangers only wore the all star patch on the road jerseys, the nemchinov on classic was hammered.

it would be strange that someone would want to fake a nemchinov on a team with messier,graves , gratner, leech, beezer act.......

if anyone want to see the tikkanen pic i can post them for you guys.

hope this helps

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Yeah, I think it's good too. The repairs are basically identical to those on that Nemchinov that George is talking about on Classic Auctions AND to the ones on my Karpovtsev gamer from 1994-95. The fact that it's hemmed really speaks to game-worn too. You don't see that too often other than on game jerseys. I will be taking it up to the MeiGray Group some time either next week or the one after for a solid verification.

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I know Mike is going to yell at me for posting all these pics :) but i had several requests for the pics

the first jersey is the richter from 93-94 and it is in the game worn.net library




One guy on the game worn board mentions that possibly the rangers gamers had blue reinforced elbows on the inside you can see in one of the richter pics the reinforcements are white

and here is the tikannen from my own photo library i do not own this jersey





notice the second cosby tag near the fight strap i could see that in one of pics on the nemchinov

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like i said without actually having the jersey in my hands i cannot be a 100% certain but i am pretty sure the jersey is a gamer and the value of the jersey i would estimate between 500 low -1000 high this set is pretty sought after because the rangers only wore the patch on the road jerseys. congrats smart buy if only i was a ranger fan i would have noticed it!!!

this kind of stuff only happens with you ranger fans lol

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And to think I passed on buying that one lol

I really thought I got hosed and was in the midst of trying to get my money back.

Kinda glad now that the guy was difficult and dragging his feet.

Thanks to Brilliant (and everybody) for all the leg work, if everything is on the up I'll be passing on the deal/steal to him.

I'm more of a Hawks fan and don't (or haven't started to) collect gamers.

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HA! No, you goofball; I just didn't want the HI-RES ones clogging up the bandwidth. Those are fine!

I actually passed on buying it initially too. I didn't want a retail Nemchinov jersey. DURRRRRRR!

The elbow thing definitely isn't true though. I checked out all my game-worn blue jerseys and they ALL have white inside.

EDIT: And just so you guys don't think I'm scamming Bob, he will be WELL compensated for this jersey if it's legit. :D

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well i wast sure he put a doubt in my head (for the elbows)since i don't own any Rangers, so i actually had to go back and look through the different references i had, Thats a nice jersey from a great set. I think we will all look at this pics more closely now. It's nice to see someone get something good for a change instead of getting hosed buying fake chines crap with the edges.

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The eBay auction didn't have very good pictures either from what I remember. Also, it was LISTED as a retail jersey, wasn't it? The only indication of it even being considered a game-worn one was that it was described as being shortened at the waist. And considering that the All-Star patch is available at retail as well, there was really nothing to give it the impression of being game-worn. Chalk up another one to that 'diamond in the rough' category, huh?

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well on the bright side you got thanked in name i got grouped into the everybody else category :(

Ha Ha, sorry, I only know Mike by name because he's helped me a few times with questions I posted on here and we have been talking off this post about how to get it authenticated.

I thank you for the pic's you posted and your leg work as well.

Although I don't know you other then Sungod661.

How bout I call you... Beauregard?


Oh and P.S. you have very tiny feet and very nice hardwood floors :lol:

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