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Your FAVORITE Player!!

Edge 2pointzero

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Mine is Adam Graves. These are just two of my Graves jerseys. I currently have 3 more jerseys with Mike that are being made into Graves jerseys, along with another blank at my house that will eventually be a Graves as well.





I wasn't watching hockey when Adam Graves was playing, but I've seen all the highlights. For me, what makes him my favorite player is all of the work he does around the community here in NYC. He is very involved in charity work and the Garden of Dreams foundation, and I just find him to be an overall amazing human being, and I respect that very much. I was actually supposed to meet him at the Rangers fan fest tomorrow, but it got postponed to September 10th. I hope he will still be there.

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Other Mike Richter jerseys I still need to have customized:

1991 Canada Cup Team USA blue

1994 NHL All-Star East teal

1996 World Cup Team USA white

1996 World Cup Team USA blue

1998 Nagano Team USA blue

2000 NHL All-Star N. America white

2000 Rangers blue w/HHoF patch

2002 Salt Lake Team USA white

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For me since some months is Jeff Tambellini. Because he joined my homegrown team here at Switzerland.

I added my pics some weeks ago in the arrived now thread:)

and also every swiss player in the NHL i like:)

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If my name didn't give it away, my favorite player of all-time is Peter Forsberg. Forsberg has been my favorite player since the 95-96 season and oddly enough, that's the inaugural year for the Avs and I have been a fan of the Avs since then too. Anyways, he became my favorite player because of his style of play. Strong on the puck and very hard to knock off the puck, always making plays that will make your mouth drop, amazing stick handling, one of the fastest skaters in the league when he was in his prime and one of the best board battlers. I haven't seen a player since with his type of skill set, tho I have to say Zetterberg has the skill set that is very similar to Forsberg.

Peter Forsberg CHS 1998-1999 SET IV Game Worn Jersey



Peter Forsberg CHS 1998-1999 SET VII Game-Issued Jersey



Peter Forsberg 2010-2011 SET III Game-Issued Jersey



As for authentics that will be customized once I get the proper nameplate material and I do have two authentic that was already customized tho.

1995-1996 road w/Stanley Cup patch

1996-1997 home (already customized)

1998-1999 home w/A

1998-1999 road w/A

1999-2000 home w/A and NHL 2000 patch

1999-2000 home w/A and NHL 2000 patch

2000-2001 home w/A and Stanley Cup

2007-2008 road (already customized)

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Gotta be honest. I do not know who my favorite player is. Part of me says Kenny Jonsson (yet to own a KJ jersey..but have a blank ready). Currently, my favorite Islander is Andrew Macdonald, but I had to sell the AMac jersey (waiting to get a new one...have the blank ready). I will like to start a Kabanov collection, which I will explain after Training Camp ends as to the reason why :thumbsup:

The Islanders that I have the most jerseys of are:

Beard Rookies/Calder winning years



Rico(replica, replica, Gamer):


Tavares' Rookie (waiting to get the royal one..probably going with the A, also will get the 40th anniversary one next year; blue RCS 1.0, white MGG 2.0 and done by Stitches)



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Cody Hodgson is far and away my favorite player. It's tough defending that choice to a lot of people in Vancouver who seem to think because he hasn't cracked the roster of a championship calibre NHL team by the age of 21, it means he's a bust. The arguments I get into are heated, and I never back down. I was a fan of Cody before he was drafted by Vancouver, so the day we drafted him was simply awesome. I started collecting his jerseys a couple of years ago, and it's only going to get worse. Interesting fact; I own more Hodgson jerseys than he has points in the NHL. Six times more.





1. 2009 World Juniors Alternate Replica

2. 2008 CHL Top Prospects Game

3. 2007-2010 Brampton Battalion

4. 2009 OHL All Star Game Replica

5. 2009/10 Manitoba Moose Home Set 2 Game Issued

6. 2010/11 Manitoba Moose Away Set 1 Game Worn

7. 2010 Vancouver Canucks Away Edge 2.0

8. 2010 Vancouver Canucks 40th Anniversary Edge 2.0

9. 2009/10 Vancouver Canucks Blue Set 1 Game Worn

10. 2010/11 Super Skills Competition Worn (one off jersey)

11. 2010 Vancouver Canucks Away Edge 2.0 w/ Finals Patch

12. 2010/11 Vancouver Canucks Blue Set 3 Game Worn

This doesn't include any of his game worn/used equipment. My favorites are the Set 3 jersey worn during the Western Conference Semi and Finals, and the 40th Anniversary 2.0. This is going to get slightly out of hand in the future.

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There are some very impressive collections on this board. I for one am glad, that so far none of us are competing over a favorite player. :D

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