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Opinion on russian jerseys on ebay?

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if you're not dead set on getting a star's jersey, you can usually get russian gamers on ebay cheaper

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CSKA / Red Army Moscow by Bauer?

CSKA wasn't part of the original Bauer Russian Authentics program, at least not for the jerseys that were made commercially available in North America, but I suppose they could have made a few just for some teams later on. Are there any informed opinions on the authenticity of these jerseys? There is no Bauer tag in Cyrillic on the rear hem, as was the case with the other teams, and the numbers are ironed on. The red jersey has only one-color numbers on the back, which doesn't seem like it would be right.

Edit - it looks like the white numbers might have peeled off the blue background on the red jersey. Hard to tell for sure though.

Edit again - selles says the game worn jerseys didn't have the Cyrillic Bauer tag on the hem, only the English Bauer tag.



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Abrom is a legit dude.

Agreed, I've bought from him before.

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Anyone ever deal with Eugene from RussianProspects.com?

I bought 3 CSKA Moscow gamers from him and he promised to issue me COAs as well. The jerseys arrived with no COAs. I have tried contacting him twice in the last 10 days and he is not replying me anymore.

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