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2001 Peter Forsberg Stanley Cup Jersey

Burnaby Joe Sakic

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This is a cross post from Jersey Central. Thought it would be fine to post it here as well.

Scott (Nordiques-Fan) and I are discussing whether I should have a jersey made. Here's how it began (from the JC pick-ups thread):

Jay he hoisted the cup wearing the scf patch. That is good enOough for me..


I hear what you're saying Scott. Here's a larger version.


I think jersey foul when I see a 2001 Forsberg with a cup patch on it. Scott has me contemplating it now though.

Just wanted to get your guys' thoughts on this as well. Forsberg was injured during the final two rounds of the 2001 Stanley Cup playoffs and wasn't able to play. He came out onto the ice for the celebration and lifted the cup though.

Is it a jersey foul to get a jersey made for him even though he never technically played in it?

Chime in! I'd like to hear your thoughts. That's why I posted it here!

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My stance on this issue is well-known, but I'm going to elaborate on it a bit. Jay, I know you took some (unnecessary)heat on those Forsberg 3rd EDGE jerseys that you grabbed recently because, as was so eloquently stated, he never wore them. They're still issued jerseys prepared for him to use. This jersey you're proposing, in my mind, is even LESS of a foul than the blue thirds are(n't) BECAUSE there is photographic and video evidence of him ACTUALLY WEARING THE JERSEY!

I would also liken this scenario to that of Doug Weight's in 2006. He played every single playoff game up until Game 5 of the Cup Finals because he had suffered a separated shoulder after getting blasted by Pronger along the boards which forced him to sit the remainder of the series. However, when the Canes won Game 7 on home ice...


...you can bet your effin a that he was out there with his teammates in uniform to lift that Cup! Jersey foul?? I think not. DO IT!

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To me something like that wouldnt be a foul for a few reasons

1. He was on the roster when they won the cup

2. He couldnt play because of something out of his control (ruptured spleen i believe was the injury)

3. His name is on the cup for that season I believe.

4. That pic right there. He didnt play but was apart of that team in a big way (he was an alternate for sakes).

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If the edge 3rd team issues you have arn't fouls (there not) then an 01 finals jersey that there is evidence of him wearing is not a foul. Nuff said.

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Cool. Thanks guys.

Mike...That's a great comparison and one I hadn't thought about.

OR68...All of points 1-3 are correct, and I'd be lying if the alternate "A" didn't jump right out at me when I saw that picture again. The more going on on the jersey the more I like it.

And there's no way, no how, that any game issued jersey can be a jersey foul, even if the player never wore that style. I made that clear in the blog post about my Forsberg alternate jersey.

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This reminds me of a baseball situation. The Twins introduced new white jerseys in 1987 and wore them until 2009, but only added names to the back in 1997.

Kirby Puckett played until 1995 before retiring during the spring of 1996 with vision issues, meaning he never wore his name on the back of a white Twins jersey while playing.

###### near every Puckett white jersey I see at the stadium has his name on the back, which makes me nuts.


When they retired his number in 1997, they made up a jersey for him to wear that night done to then current specs, which for the first and only time ever included his name on the back, justifying all the jerseys made up with not an ounce of research or awareness that he never wore it that way while playing.


At least you know the details about your Forsberg jersey and can now justify it and call it a "cup celebration jersey".

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As for the flack Jay took for the Forsberg GIs, just look at the reputation of the ONE person who made the comments.

As for the current topic, my thought is, if you've got a picture of the athlete wearing it, it's not a foul.

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It's not a foul IMO because in the picture he is wearing the jersey. Also, consider that his name was engraved on the Cup even though he didn't play, so Forsberg was a SC Champ in 2001. That alone would make me want to put the patch on. I say you should do it.

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My question for burnaby joe is where are you going to get the authentic blank jersey from? I'm desperately looking for old authentic avs jerseys with no luck at all. The closest I've found are iffy and don't want to take a chance on a knockoff when a replica is somewhat more respectable to me.

I've even contemplated getting one of those signed replicas on ebay and having the shoulder patches swapped out with real ones and having the number with the autograph removed and changed out.

I still want to kill my ex-gf for having the great idea of washing my old authentic white foppa jersey and messing it up by washing it with colors which ran and ruined it.

And no foul because of picture evidence, but I honestly think people take jersey fouls too far sometimes. Most fans won't know or even care what you are wearing. I know if I had this convo with everyone I know none of them would care or think I'm nuts to care about it.

I think the GI foppa jerseys are cool. There's a story behind it. I almost pulled the trigger on one of them myself, but decided to go buy a game used o'reilly jersey instead.

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My question for burnaby joe is where are you going to get the authentic blank jersey from?

The answer is always eBay. They do pop up on eBay from time to time. I know Jay (burnabyjoesakic) has snatched up quite a few Avs jerseys from there. The key is just to be patient and persistent.

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Hakaida...Matt (akteon) is right (as he always is.) Just keep an eye on eBay. They do show up every once in a while. For me it definitely comes and goes. I won't see any for months, and then within a week or two I'll see a few. It just takes patience and persistence. Just leave a few more for me. I don't have enough! :thumbsup:

Don't lower your standards and do anything crazy with a replica or a signed jersey. You won't be happy with that type of project in the end. What you want will show up eventually. It always does. That's the beauty of eBay.

One other thing too, if you've been waiting a long time for something you've wanted, give yourself permission to pay a little more than you originally were thinking for it. It's ALWAYS worth it in the end when you end up with the jersey you've been waiting a really long time for.

Very cool that you picked up one of the O'Reillys. Make sure to post pics when you get it. I pre-ordered a Mauldin and a Foote from this season. I'm thinking that they should be arriving here fairly soon. I like O'Reilly's style a lot. I hope he's an Av for a very, very long time.

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